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I am very pleased to be able to announce our new identity to everyone.


Over the past 8 months, all of us connected to STAR/Cosmos have been working hard to define what our shared culture and values will look like. Now that we have reached the end of that process, I would especially like to thank all of our families, clients, staff, partners and all the other stakeholders that have helped us through this process.

One of the many reasons that STAR Tasmania and Cosmos first looked into merging was their similar vision and values, and their shared excitement around what the future could look like as a merged organisation.   That is why I am so pleased that we now have one new name and brand that we can all take into the future. It is something that provides a unified connection for everyone that is associated to our service, including employees, clients, families and the broader community.

The word ‘mosaic’ can have different meanings to different people. When I think about a mosaic, I see all of the different yet unique pieces coming together to make something that is whole and beautiful. That is also what we have spent the last 8 months doing, taking everything from both organisations and seeing how all the pieces fit together.  Now that we have completed that merging process, we are ready to be one entity with one name –Mosaic Support Services. What is most exciting is that there will be many more opportunities to keep building on this image and there is also still so much room for both growth and further improvement to our services.

Mosaic will continue to provide the quality services that both STAR Tasmania and Cosmos provided as separate entities, retaining a strong passion to promote community connections for all Tasmanians.

Please join with us spreading the word with others as to what our new identity represents.

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Ralph Doedens

Mosaic Support Services

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