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Mosaic Support Services has a strong focus on working with clients and families to better understand how we can support clients to meet their goals and aspirations.

Mosaic Support Services believes that good communication is the key to a good relationship. If we communicate well with clients, we are able to better understand what you want, need, expect of us, and what you are able to do and likewise, you will understand what we want, need, etc. This includes not just the individual accessing Mosaic Support Services, but their families, Mosaic Support Services employees and service providers of many kinds…the list is endless.

As our values suggest, we believe that when people feel they have been understood, they feel valued, and that is a nice feeling.

Communication is the key to our success. In truly understanding what you want, we can continue to build a relationship with you. That’s what we strive to do every day and welcome feedback.

Client and family satisfaction and feedback

As a new initiative, we will be measuring client’s satisfaction in two ways. Every six months clients and families will have an opportunity to participate and contribute to an online survey which covers a range of key focus areas and gathers a measure of how Mosaic Support Services are tracking in relation to the client and family expectations. In addition to the online opportunities, we  conduct an independent Client and Family Forum to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard and your feedback is captured.

Mosaic Support Services  also has mechanisms to deal with general feedback, complaints and grievances. Listening to complaints allows us to find out what the problems are and work with you to solve them.

If you would like to give us some feedback then click here.

Family Forums

The organisation holds Family Forums approximately every four months so parents, carers and siblings can get together to discuss service issues that may impact on the lives of their family members.

The next Family Forum will take place on October 16th at either 2.30pm or 5.30pm. Please rsvp to

Annual Magazines

To this end, we are committed to providing relevant and useful information for all current and potential stake holders through the dissemination of our publications.

If you would like to discuss any of the publications on this site or you would like to contribute to any of the publications, please contact STAR  on (03) 6244 9444 or email

Click here to view Mosaic’s 2017 Annual Magazine “Perspectives- A Year in Review”

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Click here to view STAR’s first Annual Magazine “Luminous Points”

Annual Reports

Mosaic Annual Financial Report 2016-17

Mosaic Annual Financial  Report 2015-16

STAR Tasmania Annual Report 2015

STAR Tasmania Annual Report 2014 (pdf 2.7 Mb)

STAR Tasmania Annual Report 2013 (pdf 1.5 Mb)

STAR Tasmania Annual Report 2012 (pdf 1.8 Mb)

STAR Tasmania Annual Report 2011 (pdf 1.2 Mb)

If you would like alternate formats, please contact STAR  on (03) 6244 9444 or email

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Advocacy Tasmania

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National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA)


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Looking for Mosaic Community Care Inc. from Western Australia? Click here. Mosaic Support Services Tasmania is a separate organisation and is not affiliated or associated with Mosaic Community Care Inc. in Western Australia.