Network and partnerships

In the current NDIS world we have quickly come to realise that as an organisation we need to be creative in the way we build our profile in the community and attract interest of people who would like to support us to live our values.

Every day, all of us at Mosaic work hard at doing all we can to provide support to clients to a high standard within the resources available to us either through NDIS or other funding supports.

These funds are allocated directly for client support which doesn’t really allow additional funds to support the provision of  innovative programs, upgrade computers, iPad or communication devices, purchase equipment or sensory items or improve the overall delivery of a program or support services.

To stay true to our mission and values, Mosaic has a fundraising strategy that seeks support from families, friends, employees and corporate supporters throughout the year. Mosaic has one major fundraising event each year which has been successful since its onset in 2012. In previous years we have held a quiz night with the funds raised being allocated to items on the wish list.

Previous events have allowed us to build a strong stakeholder base that we can now build upon as we further develop stronger relationships from one year to the next. The Customer and Communication team works hard throughout the year to build a relationship with the key groups and shares information such as E news, website, social media posts, good news stories and key events with these target groups.

Mosaic’s Fundraising Strategy

At the beginning of 2016 the Customer and Communications team developed a fundraising strategy for this year.

The development of a fundraising strategy is an annual exercise and will be evaluated in January 2017. The team informally review the strategy throughout the year and make any necessary adjustments. The team in conjunction with the events committee operates in a way that allows flexibility to ensure that we can react to new opportunities or to modify activities.

After every fundraising activity the committee reviews the outcomes.

We had four main goals for 2016:

  1. We wanted to increase from one to two main fundraising events this calendar year – this was successful in the creation of the Mosaic Jumpathon and Masquerade Ball
  2. We felt it was important to streamline allocation of funds through a wish list process which is presented fortnightly to Executive. This has allowed for a more transparent and fair process and allows us to be able to track, map, plan and evaluate the allocations of funds
  3. We have spent some time researching and reviewing previous fundraising activities to set the path forward and this review has occurred via the events committee
  4. We have been successful in the review of the Mosaic stakeholder database and developed a communication plan about who, how and when we will connect with different stakeholder groups

Mosaic is very grateful for all of the support we receive from our many and varied partners and sponsors. We ensure that acknowledgment and thanks forms part of our engagement strategy and we do this via a number of methods.

You can see from the array of articles and stories to follow that we are incredibly lucky to have so many volunteers, supporters, sponsors and businesses interested in what we do and assisting us to be able to do great things into the future.

Having strong community partnerships is a great way for Mosaic to build a community presence. The events, projects and forums that we have been actively involved in this year has allowed us to showcase many and varied artists, has funded avid runners to engage and participate in the broader fun run community, put sport and recreation back on the map and has brought hundreds of clients, their families, Mosaic employees and the community together to share liked experiences and to celebrate inclusion and diversity.

The Customer and Communication team are always challenging the way we thinks about things by posing questions such as: How many people will this event reach? What message do we want to send to clients, families, services, and employees, new and interested clients? Can we collaborate with other disability providers? Can we link Mosaic clients to existing community events and strengthen the partnerships we already have?

Partnerships into the future

As a not for profit business we need community partnerships to strengthen our abilities to move forward and provide services in this changing market place.

Linkages to these partners is unique in that we often come together to promote, support and build further awareness of the importance of community connections.

Mosaics community partnerships journey commenced a number of years ago with the link to Lions Clubs (in Tasmania and nationally) as well as Leos. This relationship has strengthened and developed with the construction of the deck at Respite and the integrated community project at one of our homes in Rokeby.

Community partnerships not only provide financial support they also open up opportunities for exposure in the broader community whether that is at events, social media, or through individual connections. Mosaic has formed a strong connection with Hobart City Council and joins in on an annual basis to showcase art through Ability to Create. In November each year we also join with all three councils and TASCARE to be part of International Day of People with Disabilities. This is once again an opportunity to reach out the community, share resources and celebrate opportunities for the people we support.

The partnership developed this year with the Veteran Car Club saw Mosaic participate in a great event early in the year and once again linked us to a range of new supporters and people interested in what we do.

Through the Mosaic Festival of Arts and the Masquerade Ball we were very fortunate to be able to share our story and our journey about our brand and what we do in the community. At both events we had the opportunity to showcase the talents and achievement of the people who we support. We saw at both pf these events clients, families, employees, community supporters and corporate partners come together to embrace and help spread the word about the essence of who we are and what our plans are for the future.

One of the focus areas in 2016 was the partnership with Lord Taverner through the Fit for Life program. The partnership commenced in July 2016 when the Chairman of the Lord Taverners board visited Tower Road office to meet with the CEO and the Service Manager Simon Barton from Fit for Life.

After finding out more about what Lord Taverners  do Simon nominated a young sportsman (under the age of 25) by the name of Matthew McGrath who shows courage and determination with a range of sporting options.

Within 1 week, Simon was contacted by the Chairman of Lord Taverners to announce that Matthew had won the 2016 Ron Barassi award. Further details about this story is in a feature article.

Matthew is now playing Basket Ball with the Special Olympics and is going very well. It is opportunities like this where people are able engage, try new activities and enjoy sport and recreation that we truly see the benefits of support from organisations like Lord Taverners.

In addition to this, Lords Taverners also sponsored our Mosaic Bowling League to purchase new Mosaic bowling shirts which had both entities logos on them and were in the teal colour of the new brand. Lord Taverners sponsored the team to enter the State Championships in Launceston facilitating another opportunity for people with a disability to engage with sport and the local community.

Mosaic is looking at further developing the programs and sporting opportunities run through the Fit for Life program in 2017 and we look forward to working with Lord Taverners to grow, develop and inspire people to pursue their sporting dreams.

Mosaic is fully committed to continue to build networks, connect with our major partners and lead the way in illustrating what is possible if we work together.