Induction & Employee Benefits


A comprehensive two day induction to the service is provided to all new employees. The training provided will consist of the following along with a number of other topics:

  • Working with Families
  • History of the disability sector in Tasmania
  • What is challenging behaviour?
  • Mealtime Assistance
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Epilepsy Education
  • Fires Safety
  • Values and Attitudes in the workplace

Employee Benefits

At Mosaic Support Services, we recognise that a healthy work/life balance is essential to our employees. Through several initiatives, Mosaic encourages each employee to implement a healthy approach to their lives both within the workplace and home life.

We offer many benefits to our employees:

Salary Packaging

Mosaic Support Services is a not-for-profit organisation and is able to offer employees salary packaging arrangements. This allows most employees to receive up to $16,050 of their salary tax-free.

We encourage employees to meet with our salary packing provider in order to maximise the benefits that they are able to receive. In addition, employees can take advantage of meal and entertainment benefits.

Learning and Development

Mosaic Support Services strongly values and encourages professional development and endeavors to source the best learning and development, allowing employees to enhance their career with us. We encourage both internal and external learning and development resulting in an engaged and progressive workplace.

We communicate our approach to learning and development through newsletters and a feedback process referred to as Manager Once Removed (MOR) which enables employees to talk to their manager’s manager about their ideas and goals for their own, and the organisations development.

We are dynamic in offering support and providing resources to help our employees achieve and progress within their careers.

Mosaic Support Services Enterprise Agreement

The terms and conditions of employment for Mosaic Support Services employees are covered by our Enterprise Agreement.

Employee Assistance Program

All Mosaic Support Services employees are able to access to our Employee Assistance Program. This counselling service is voluntary, free for employees for both personal and professional counselling, and confidential.

Health and Wellbeing Program

At Mosaic Support Services, we support the health and well-being of our employees by offering free access to several gym’s within the greater Hobart area. This allows our employees to take control of their overall health and encourages each employee in their ability to perform their role. We offer membership with the following gyms:

  • Friends Health & Fitness – North Hobart
  • Oceana Health & Fitness – Mornington and;
  • Health & Fitness World – Glenorchy


Looking for Mosaic Community Care Inc. from Western Australia? Click here. Mosaic Support Services Tasmania is a separate organisation and is not affiliated or associated with Mosaic Community Care Inc. in Western Australia.