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On April 12th 2016 the newly developed Customer Management Team hosted their first Family Forum for the year at the venue space at the Hopkin Street Centre.  This was the first time we have held such a forum at this venue, and resoundingly families were impressed with the layout and the spaciousness of it.  One of our main objectives and intent for running the forum from this venue was to create a more intimate space for talking with families and having the opportunity to truly listen to their feedback in a responsive fashion. The added bonus was that it was centrally located for all attendees.

Megan Cunningham hosted the forum for the two sessions throughout the day and 15 different families across the whole organisation joined in our conversation about our new name of Mosaic Support Services. Even though it was evident early on in our conversations with families that the new name was well received, it was the brand “story” that enchanted people the most, as it placed some meaning behind the choosing of Mosaic Support Services.

Overwhelmingly, families told us that the brand story is what won them over to the name as it made more sense to them after hearing it. Kim Baumeler’s  analogy of having pieces that once served a purpose coming together to create something new just resonated so well with families.

Families told us very clearly in the forum that they want their communications with Mosaic Support Services to be strong, and they wish for the lines of communication to be opened up for them so they truly feel comfortable with the services in which we are providing their family member. With this in mind, the Customer Management team have since been responsive to families request and have reviewed the comprehensive and sound data base which captures all the information we need, to strengthen our communications back to them.

An organisational mail out went out last week to ask questions about how families want to be communicated with and what are the best methods for capturing this information. We eagerly await the questionnaires return to see where we can improve as a service regarding our communication.

Another important thing to families is our responsiveness to their needs. Families want to meet the key people who support their family member and have asked for this to occur on a 6-12 monthly basis.  As an organisation we hold this opportunity in the highest regard and are invested in making this happen.

The Customer Management team came away from the forums invigorated and excited about the next time we get to catch up again. The next Family Forum is on 19th July 2016 and we extend a warm welcome to all who might be interested in attending.

Allison Buchanan
Customer Management team

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