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Mosaic Support Services – A Not for Profit Organisation

As a not for profit public benevolent institution, Mosaic Support Services  (Mosaic) operates on very tight budgets with limited resources. Accordingly, the money provided is carefully channelled to support the needs of people with disabilities and there is very little left for anything else. This means that there is always a shortage of funds to update equipment, improve the homes, gardens and fences for client homes and Mosaic sites and also very little to put towards other recreational equipment to help make their lives that little bit more enjoyable.

Mosaic clients, families and employees would really welcome individual donations, bequests and corporate partnerships.

Fundraising Events

Mosaic has an Annual Fundraiser Event ever year to raise fund for our programs.

Donations were acknowledged on the night, on our website and in our annual magazine.
If you think you would like to support Mosaic in supporting people to “live a brighter life” please call 6244 9444, email

The 2014 event was on Saturday 9th August 2014.
The focus for this fundraiser was to the following projects that we are not funded for:

– Sensory Gardens at our sites;
– Developing formalised nutrition plans for clients; and
– Enhancing the quality of activities for clients being supported at our community access sites with the purchase of specialised equipment;
– Purchasing two mobile change tables for use at our Respite sites

The 2015 event was on Saturday15th August 2015.
The focus for this fundraiser was to the following projects that we are not funded for:

– UR Connected Community Arts Project
– Supplies for arts programs
– Board Games/puzzles
– Jewellery making materials
– Sensory Items
– TV’s and Gaming equipment
– Sporting Equipment