Volunteers and Students at Mosaic

Mosaic Support Services welcomes volunteers and students across the business and program areas. We are committed to ensuring that all volunteers and students feel that they play a vital and productive role within our organisation. There are often projects or areas within Mosaic Support Services that requires some new and additional skills. If you are interested in being a student or volunteer – please contact People and Culture on 6244 9444.

We support students and volunteers in the following ways:

  • Well defined job descriptions for specific tasks – we usually try to give people a realistic experience and so base most tasks on the existing position description for that area of the business.
  • An induction and plan for the volunteer/student
  • A process of review and feedback
  • Recognition and reward
  • Adequate work space and safe work environment
  • Flexible working conditions
  • National Police checks and confidentiality agreements
  • Agreement of job description: including tasks, areas of accountability, duration of position, expected time commitment each week, workplace location and Mosaic Support Services contact person/s
  • Their very own Volunteer Coordinator

Looking for Mosaic Community Care Inc. from Western Australia? Click here. Mosaic Support Services Tasmania is a separate organisation and is not affiliated or associated with Mosaic Community Care Inc. in Western Australia.