National Families Week 15th – 21st May 2015



A unique event was held in Hobart on Friday to mark the commencement of National Families Week

National Families Week commenced on Friday 15th May, and one of the more unique events was held in Hobart, where a team of photographers volunteered their skills to take family portraits of families and family members with a disability.

The start of National Families Week on Friday 15th May coincided with the UN International Day of Families. The free family portrait day was a collaboration involving Snapshot (Celebrating Our Community)- a community project using powerful imagery and storytelling to celebrate the lives of those closest to people with disabilities – and UR Connected, a major community arts project by STAR Tasmania and The Parkside Foundation.

Snapshot photographer Ron Franks explained: “We are really excited to share the stories of those in our community who give so much of themselves. Often these are people who don’t have the time, let alone desire for family portraits. Our goal is to find images for our print exhibition in December and to share some behind-the-scenes shots on our Facebook page.”

“We are volunteers with a passion for photography” said Ron who has a daughter with Kabuki syndrome, “We love what we do and it’s great to meet others and get them involved in something they may not otherwise consider”.

STAR Tasmania and The Parkside Foundation as the UR Connected project were excited to be part of the event to acknowledge the critical role all families play in building a stronger community.

We met some amazing and very inspirational people on Friday who shared their stories with us. UR Connected had great fun sharing stories through art and finding out how people feel connected to the community.

We will be sharing with you each day this week an image from the Snapshot day via Facebook . Thank you to all of the STAR and Parkside helpers, Hobart City Council, Tascare, The Hobart Photographic Society, and Snapshot.

A big personal thank you to Ron and Keren Franks for sharing in the concept and being as passionate as we are about families which made this whole day possible. Thank you also to Megan Rozynski from Creative Hum for being “amazingly creative”.

Please support and like the Snapshot page and follow the Snapshot journey to help us spread the word about the importance of families.(

Happy National Families week everyone.

Dear MeganThank you for participating in National Families Week 2015.  You, and your organisation, were part of over 125,000 people around Australia who celebrated the importance of families in our community.  A Certificate of Appreciation, to thank you for your support for National Families Week is below.  It is your enthusiasm and support which makes the Week such an outstanding success.Kind regardsJennifer Horsfield – National Families Week ManagerNational family week certificate

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