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Ticket to Work joins National Disability Services

National Disability Services (NDS) is proud to announce that we have partnered with Ticket to Work, a national program which supports young people with disability to successfully transition from school to work.

Operating under a local community partnership model, Ticket to Work brings together disability-specific and mainstream representatives from a variety of sectors (including education, training, youth, business, local government and disability) to improve the transition to employment of young people with disability. The program does not provide direct services, but rather facilitates collaboration across the range of entities that can optimise employment outcomes for young people with disability, if they work together.

There are currently 25 local Ticket to Work networks operating in Australia and in 2014 the program supported over 600 young Australians with disability access work learning opportunities while at school.

Nationally, Ticket to Work focuses on the following three areas to improve school-to-work transition:

  1. Research: Explore, identify and spotlight good practice through research in school-to-work transition for young people with disability
  2. Policy: Influence good employment participation policy development at local, state and national levels
  3. Practice: Promote, explore and support communities to implement evidence-based practice that improves outcomes for young people with disability.

NDS sees great promise in working with the Ticket to Work program to create opportunities for young Australians with disability.

NDS is keen to support even more communities to develop local Ticket to Work networks and provide students with workplace learning opportunities, career development, workplace preparation, work experience and Australian School-based Apprenticeships and Traineeships.

NDS acknowledges the organisations that have supported the development of Ticket to Work from a small pilot to a national initiative in four years. Particular thanks goes to the Bayside Glen Eira Kingston Local Learning and Employment Network (BGK LLEN), which has hosted the national Ticket to Work.

Michelle Wakeford, National Manager of Ticket to Work, said: “The relationship with NDS will strengthen Ticket to Work’s ability to create positive change for young people with disability; giving us greater reach into local communities and enhancing our research and policy expertise. In short, NDS will provide Ticket to Work with the architecture for spotlighting and promoting strategies and practices that produce optimal employment and career achievement for young people with disability.”

Additionally, Michelle will be presenting on Ticket to Work at the NDS Disability at Work conference, ‘Creating the future’. With just six weeks to go, have you registered to attend?

For more information on Ticket to Work, including the evaluation of the initiative, visit the Ticket to Work website.

Contact information:

Kerrie Langford, National Employment Manager, 02 6283 3202, kerrie.langford@nds.org.au

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