How we communicate with clients and families

Mosaic recognise in order to be contemporary in our practices within the complex field of the disability sector, we need to be actively committed to delivering services that reflects our mission and values and provides a high quality service to our clients, their families and other stakeholders.

At the beginning of March 2016, Mosaic developed the Customer Management Team, with the vision of providing a separate function of the business which is to act independently to support the needs of clients, families and the employees who support them. Throughout the development of this team we have seen growth and relationship building with families to ensure that we are providing them types of services they are seeking, particularly in the new NDIS world.

The facilitation of information sharing between families and the organisation occurs in a number of ways. The CMT team began a consultancy process with families by sending out a questionnaire in April 2016 to find out what people truly wanted from the organisation.  The number one priority for families is communication. With this at the forefront of our practice, each of our service areas have made time available  for families to have face to face contact, either on a 6 or 12 monthly basis.

Family forums, which are facilitated on a 3 monthly basis have been conducted in a fashion which has invited a sense of information sharing between families and the organisation, rather than “I’ll talk and you listen” type of style.  The CMT team have given consideration to the venue space, time allocation, contents of information and the delivery of information sharing which has seen an increased engagement over the last 6 months. Through these sessions we are looking for an insight into what life is like for a person who receives support from Mosaic. In particular, to ascertain individual opinions, perspectives and feedback to a range of key focus areas including feelings of safety, satisfaction with support, client’s perceptions of their opportunities and experiences.

Our clients will be given the opportunity in 2017 to participate in bi-annual client forums so our organisation can hear directly from the client. We place great value on truly listening to what our client’s needs and wants are and facilitate this in a thoughtful and sensitive manner.

All consideration is taken into account when providing feedback to our clients, families and other stakeholders. We pride ourselves on being pro-active in listening to the messages we are receiving and deliver on our promised actions.

Client satisfaction survey’s are coordinated by the Customer Management Team and enquires can be directed to Megan Cunningham on 62 449444 or




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