National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

NDIS Roll out

What is the NDIS? The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a new way of providing individualised support for people with disability. The NDIS is about choice and control, support to live more independently and working towards achieving your goals. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) was launched in Tasmania mid 2013. The first stage of NDIS in Tasmania will cover all eligible adolescents aged 15-24.

“This approach has been chosen because it represents an opportunity to examine and improve the range of supports that need to be in place for young people with disability to ensure a smooth transition between school and work or higher education”. Information extracted from the official NDIS website. You can find out all about the NDIS at

Mosaic Support Services and the NDIS Mosaic Support Services is registered to provide a range of services through the National Disability Insurance Agency -NDIA).

We offer individualised services and supports for both children and adults, tailored to meet your needs and the supports funded in your NDIS Plan. As we are registered to provide a wide range of supports, you can choose Mosaic Support Services to provide one, many or possibly all of the supports you have identified.

In Tasmania, the NDIS is being introduced by age group. This means that you will be able to enter the Scheme depending on your age.

The NDIS is currently available to eligible people aged between 0 and 49 years.

  • From 1 January 2019, the NDIS will be available for adults, aged 50 to 64

By 1 July 2019, the NDIS will be available to all eligible Tasmanians.

To find out more go to Accessing the NDIS, or visit your nearest NDIS office.

Tasmania statistics as at 30 June 2018

  • 4,416 people in Tasmania benefiting from the NDIS
  • 3,879 participants with an approved plan
  • 10% growth in the number of participants this quarter

Early Childhood Early Intervention in Tasmania

The Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) approach is available to all children aged 0-6 years with a developmental delay or disability across Tasmania.

An ECEI Coordinator working for one of our Partners in the Community (partners) will be your main contact point for the NDIS and can help you understand and access the most appropriate supports for your child.

In Tasmania the Partners delivering ECEI services are:

To find your nearest Partner office go to Our Locations page.

Local Area Coordination in Tasmania

For most people a Local Area Coordinator (LAC) working for one of our Partners in the Community (partners) will be your main contact point for the NDIS.

In Tasmania the partners delivering LAC services are:


For more information about the full roll out of the NDIS- Click here                   


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