Earlier this year a job was advertised via CareCareers for ProjectABLE presenters. The position was looking for people with lived experience of a disability to work as a team presenting workshops at high schools and colleges.

The workshops are aimed at both raising awareness of disability, and also the career opportunities in the sector. Mosaic client Rachael Jackson has participated in these workshops in the past, as well as having lots of experience presenting to TAFE Certificate III students, so she was excited about applying for the paid position.

Gerard Dixon who has been doing our Ways2Work program also applied for the position. Both Gerard and Rachael had interviews with National Disability Services (who run the workshops), and were successful in gaining casual employment.

They have since completed their training and delivered their first workshop to Elizabeth College students.

Rachael says that it is “great to be working as part of a team, and although it’s strange being with a new group, everyone is getting on well”. Her past experience has helped her, but she still gets nervous when presenting. She has also been pleasantly surprised by the response from the students, who ask her a lot of questions!

Gerard sees both the positives and challenges of working with a team, but is finding the experience is very good, and helping him in his Ways2Work program. Lately they have been focusing a lot on his personal goals, and the job with ProjectABLE is helping him work towards these. Getting a job was one of his goals, and now he wants to save up the money he’s earned to plan a future holiday.

Congratulations to both Rachael and Gerard on these exciting achievements, and we wish them both the best of luck with their future workshops!

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