Luke’s Birthday

Luke turned 20 on 08/09/2016. For his birthday he invited his friends through Facebook, family by phone and of course invited all staff from the Mosaic office when he came in that week! The day had come and Luke had decided to visit his mum for the day to celebrate his birthday with her. But first there was the morning at The Bay house. Off course the house was decorated with banners and there was cake for breakfast. Luke decided he wanted his presents straight away so he unwrapped his presents(2 deadpool t-shirts, a voucher to pick up WWE 2K 17 in October when it releases, a gift card for EB games and, his favourite, a call of duty jumper which he wore straight away!)

Tarnya, Luke’s mum, treated Luke well with a nice lunch with the two of them together. Tammy (normally one of Luke’s support workers but at the moment the house service manager) dropped him off and picked Luke up again in time to get ready for his party. Luke was getting more and more excited as his party was about to start. The first people started arriving and food was ready. Pizza was on the menu and there were also sausage rolls and party pies. But instead of digging in, Luke had decided we couldn’t start until his Nan had arrived, as she had made sure she got back in time from Melbourne to come to Luke’s party. A few people were surprised at this but the people that know Luke well knew he is a gentleman (at times) and would not want his Nan to miss out.

As soon as Shirley arrived we started on the pizzas and then, while most people were quiet while eating, Luke thought this would be a great moment for him to start telling stories. And as we know Luke, we knew something was coming. He started telling about all kinds of things that were too embarrassing to repeat here! And thinking that all the stories were nearly over till more people arrived and Luke had to include everyone before he could finish. Then of course, there was cake. Not just any cake but a special Collingwood cake that Tammy had ordered for Luke. It was not only one of the best looking cakes I have eaten but it was delicious too! When all the cake was gone, and Luke had run out of stories, he thanked everyone for coming and it was time to wrap up the night. All that I have left to say is thanks to all that helped to make it a great day!

Disability Support Worker


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