UR Connected 2015



If you would like to make a time for your community group, school or business to participate in UR Connected, contact Megan Cunningham on 62 449444 or 0418 386 186 to book in a session time.

URConnected DLUR Connected stats 2015

UR Connected has commenced with 7 clients from STAR and Parkside having weekly art tutoring with Maggy Agrey at Derwent Park House.

Some of the Experiences in the first few weeks:

  • Introduction of the UR Connected project
  • Why the Atom?. Taken on a journey to see the connection of the atom to all things.
  • Introduction to different styles of drawing and learning how to draw
  • Exploration with iPads
  • Researching via National Geographic’s
  • Meeting new friends
  • Exploring the world of art and freedom of expression

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Patrick’s interpretation of UR Connected

UR2Patrick UR Connected

71 circles completed in one session


ur connected 1Kim makes another circle for the 2,015UR connected 3

UR connected 5UR connected 7

This week Michael Khol joined us with his suggestion that dinosaurs were needed in the connected project!!. What a great idea.

Report from Maggy Agrey Thursday 13/11/2014

This developing arts project provides all the participants, with the following criteria

-Each week is different and different people participate

-Who ever shows up,  their the right people

-We start the morning by sharing, how we have connected to others and how our week has been.

-You never know what the people are going to say or do

-Every one has ideas, they contribute to the project.

-Working collaboratively, allows the circles to come to life in their own way.

-Everyone seems to leave the group feeling a sense of accomplishment and happy.

All the people in the “connected project “have been researching and relating to collections of stories, and photographic images from National Geographic magazines.

There have been moments in the room when each of the participants is deeply engrossed in the splendor of the images. These magazines showcase the worlds leading journalists and photographers sharing their insights of our world. Some of the magazines are dated back to the early 60s and the participants have noticed, things looked a little different then.

It is refreshing to see others cast their eyes over these images  and be lost in them,  glimpses of our  humanity’s diversity.

Presently, participants are requested to find photos and images of the color spectrum’s red, orange green and blue. Specifically only choosing images that they feel connected to.  Ones they like and have meaning for them. They then cut them out and glue them onto the circles which will sit on top of the inner circle of the atom. The ranges of their connections to these images are varied and insightful

Some of our participants have decided they don’t wish to engage this way, developing art pieces akin to Pro Hart. Patrick has been working on several pieces conveying so much colour, the images wake us all up.

Michael our dinosaur expert requests that dinosaurs be in the connected project as this is how he feels connected. As we enter our week 4  the development of the atom’s design will commence.






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