A New Home

On Thursday the 15th of February Mosaic Support Services (Mosaic) met with the clients and their families that are looking to move into a new home currently under construction and due to be completed by the middle of this year (2018). The home will be owned by a new entity set up to construct homes suitable for supporting people with disabilities called the Supported Affordable Accommodation Trust (‘the Trust’) and will then be leased to Mosaic. This housing initiative was conceived in 2015 when Bob Gordon led a discussion at a Mosaic Family Forum – asking ‘how do we get people together to build group homes’. Following an extensive consultation process with clients, families and employees, the Trust entity was formed and a 4 x 2 bedroom affordable design was developed in conjunction with Systembuilt Homes that provides a balance of privacy and support.

Due to the configuration of the first site identified in Glenorchy, the Trust decided to proceed with a 3 x 2 bedroom unit design (rather than the original plan for 4 x 2 bedroom units). Work is now underway on that plan and the first of the three units is being constructed.

At the meeting with the potential residents and their families, Ralph Dodens (Mosaic CEO) advised that the first 2 bedroom display unit would be completed in March/April and will then be available for people to view at the Systembuilt Homes warehouse in Cambridge. Once we have the property title and building approval from the council, the remaining 2 units and the shared areas will then be constructed and transported to the site.

The clients and families involved with this first site viewed the final plans and then travelled to the Systembuilt Homes warehouse to see the first unit under construction. They all then travelled to the land in Glenorchy where all the units will be transported and constructed when complete..

This was such a fantastic opportunity for everyone involved to see the progress, visualise the final outcome as well as providing the clients and families another chance to get to know each other.

Rosie Voglino
Marketing and Communications Coordinator

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