A presentation at Tafe

On Wednesday 27th July the Independence & Empowerment group were invited to visit the Certificate III Disability class at Tas TAFE.

Nick Brooks, Alex Morris-Baguley, Gerry Cruz-Groombridge, Kaylee Millington and Joel Nichols were accompanied by employees Bianca McKenzie and Tiff Cooper. The group have been working this year on creating Pictello presentations about their lives and the things that are important to them. This has given them the opportunity to practice their literacy skills and express themselves in different and easily accessible ways. (Pictello is an iPad app used for creating visual stories that can be read out by a speech generator).  Some members of the group (such as Rachael Jackson and Bridget Coyle who couldn’t attend on the day) are quite skilled with the app and have even been mentoring their peers in how to use it.

The group who visited TAFE showed their Pictello presentations to the students, talked about their experiences at Mosaic, and the other achievements they have been making in their lives. Students also had the opportunity to ask questions, which some participants answered verbally, while others such as Nick and Kaylee had the opportunity to answer using their communication devices and show their skills using Key Word Sign.

Although talking to such a large group was daunting for some at first, they quickly warmed to the students and took great pride in sharing their life experiences. At the end of the session each client was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation from Tas TAFE.

The group’s presentation to the students was so well received that they have been invited back in coming weeks to meet with the students again.

The Independence & Empowerment group is a Know How program that runs on Wednesdays under the coordination of Kim Wheeler and Tracy Ryan. Since the group has been working on these projects we have seen a great increase in their confidence, and also learned new things from our clients that have helped us provide more opportunities within their My Community Programs.

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