Barbara’s 90th Birthday

On the 20th of August, Barbara celebrated her 90th birthday and a birthday party was a must.

After much planning and excitement the big day finally arrived and pampering the birthday girl was underway.   Breakfast in bed, home visits from the hairdresser and nail technician, a new outfit, the lippy and Barb was ready to party.

The party was held at the RSL Club Gallipolli room, and Barb arrived early to welcome her guests as they arrived. 70 plus guests! Family members, friends and well wishers came with cards, presents and flowers and she was in her element reigning supreme.

As the afternoon progressed we heard speeches from her grand daughters Lisa and Darlene. Her long time friend Shirley Sonner shared some stories about Barbs younger years and some of the mischief  she got up to. Along with the laughs there were many happy memories for Barb. We heard from Denice Cashion who regaled us with some more recent stories and humour about living in the group home and time at Willow Court.

After the speeches it was time to eat, drink and merry. Barb enjoyed a bottle of beer, a gift from the barman who had been listening to her stories and Barb had won another heart.

Next came the birthday cake (Barbs favourite food), blowing out the candles and cutting the cake. Barb took the microphone so she could sing to us, she gained cheers and applause from all including other patrons in the bar.

Barb had a lovely time and was thrilled with all the gifts and flowers she received. The gift that shone for her most, was from her wonderful grand daughter Danya in the form of a beautiful 7lb 8oz baby girl, Maya Louise who arrived the morning of Barbara’s birthday, Great grandma is very proud of her first great granddaughter.

Watching Barb spend time with her family and friends and seeing her pleasure in their company, I’m sure everyone present could see her tenacity, her courage and love of life that has helped carry her through to this milestone of her life.

The day ended with a weary but very happy lady and all her guests felt privileged to have shared in her big day.

Julia Roberts
Disability Support Worker

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