Future Pathways Program

The Future Pathways program was created as an option for people who have finished in the education system and who are looking for options post school. This is a program that assists clients to look at other options e.g. further schooling, work options or community access, and is a program that is run from 9am-3pm, 5 days a week. Clients work at their own individual pace through this program, learning skills that assist them to become work ready or to recognise what option is the best fit for them into the future.

Clients begin this course working in a class room type environment, by utilising a work book that makes people think about who they are and to gain an understanding about what other people need and expect from them. This prepares clients to think about what employers require from them, and how they can be valued team members.

The program assists people to understand what they can offer an employer and why they need to act and dress a certain way.  With all of this information clients, can make an informed decision about a career path or other options.

The Future Pathways Program works on confidence building and skill development to enable them to be work ready and to recognise that they may require further training to achieve their goals.  This is done through group presentation work and volunteering options.  By creating small and supportive groups of people who are at similar places in their lives, who are making the same life decisions, enables them to support each other.

Clients will visit various workplaces of interest to them and, begin to investigate what the employees wear, how they present themselves and the various tasks they perform during a shift. This process assists people to truly understand what each job entails, and what is required of them so they can make an informed decision about their career options.

Each group member will walk away with a much better understanding of themselves, a detailed and realistic resume to showcase their skills and abilities, and a plan of the direction they want there life to head and a toolbox of skills to take on the journey to paid or supported employment or day support options.

Two of our participants have shown a real interest in hospitality, so the group have spent time investigating what skills and abilities they would need to preform that job. They are working on presentation, budgeting, cooking and confidence building. They are now cooking weekly and delivering these items to sell to the office staff at Tower Road.  They have sold their baked goods and now are working on budgeting so they can better understand what they’ll need to sell, and the number of items sold to earn the money back to be able to purchase more ingredients to make various other goodies.

Another client has shown an interest in laboring work, particularly in gardening and building area.  He has been involved in the planning and restoring of garden furniture for a new sensory garden at one of our venues.  He has shown that he is a determined and hard worker who has identified the resources and tools he needs to complete his job.  He has worked independently on his garden furniture and is happy to let others assist during this process and even passed on some of his learnt skills.

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