Taster Week 2018

My Community held its second Taster Week in the last week of the school holidays.

Taster Week is an opportunity for the five streams of My Community to showcase their current programs as well as trial new program ideas in an “expo” like fashion. This provides participants with an obligation-free way to try new things, and make informed choices about their program activities for the year. For a lot of people it can be hard to make decisions about activities they’ve never tried, and we believe by providing this opportunity it gives participants real choice and control over how they spend their time with us. Hosting Taster Week in the school holidays also give participants in the Vacation Care program as a taste of what their future could be.

This year Taster Week used Bowen Road School as its base, and provided an exciting line up of experiences. Participants were able to give current program activities a try – such as Money Skills, which rather than a boring math class environment incorporates a mix of real life and fun learning activities. The Jammin’ program set up in an outside area, and attracted a lot of individuals who had a go playing music alongside our band, Silver Space. A Dance Workshop was held in the gym, and got everyone moving with smiles on their faces. There were woodwork and gardening opportunities plus a range of sporting activities on offer, including cricket, table tennis and a basketball clinic with David Munns from Basketball Tasmania.

Many new activities were trialled, including Create’s fired ink on glass and work on a new art installation, which many participants added their flair to. Know How trialled a science program, which included making wind-powered cars, kites and catapults, which engaged a wide variety of participants. Made to Measure had people making slime and Whizz Fizz, as well as relaxing in the sensory tent, or enjoying a massage. On the final day of Taster Week, Fit For Life held an athletics carnival, with running, sack and wheelchair races as well as a tug of war. For this it wasn’t just participants who had a go – many employees from head office joined in to get their own taste of My Community.

With Taster Week all wrapped up for 2018, Key Coordinators are beginning to meet with participants to discuss their goals for 2018 and what programs and activities they would like to do to work towards those goals.

Tiff Cooper
Service Manager- My Community

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