My Time Away Christmas 2017

On Saturday 9th December, My Time Away (MTA)  gathered to celebrate its 2017 Christmas Party in the traditional Australian way…. a BBQ at the Risdon Brook Dam. The lead-up to the occasion had MTA curiously watching Hobart’s accurate weather forecasts.

As we got closer to the day the weather map became the most visited Google site. The MTA team responded with speed and precision. Contingency plans swung into action as alternative venues were frantically sort.

It became glaringly apparent that there were no suitable venues available for hire that suited our needs on the day.  The end result was to grin and bear it with fingers crossed approach. The party was literally in the lap of the gods.

Saturday’s beginning was not a good start to our good weather wishes with strong winds and the odd shower with intimidating dark clouds.

Fortunately MTA  are a hardy bunch, so in excess of 90 brave souls battled on and enjoyed a wonderful day of fun, food, laughter and social connection.

Participants from all areas of MTA attended with parents, carers and staff members mingling and enjoying the company and the day.

For the little tackers and not so little, the face painting activity was a huge favourite with some really stunning animal themed motifs featuring. A big thank you to Frankie and Makala for their outstanding  efforts on the brushes and paints. I imagine there were some unimpressed people that night as face paints were attempted to be removed.

Manning the BBQ non stop was Gary Burgess (Eddie’s hubby) and Nigel Clutterbuck (Georgina’s Dad) who assisted over the course of the marathon cook up by employees  Jordan, David and Eddie.

Our thanks to Nettie Clutterbuck also who generously lent a hand to the success of the day.

And then there was the visit of the merry old gentleman in red; Santa distributed gifts to all the delighted children and young adults with much photography accompanying the activity.

I would like to send out a big thank you to Santa who speedily appeared and then disappeared before I could thank him for swinging by.

The quote of the day goes to the young man who with a beaming smile said; “Gee Santa’s looking a bit old this year!”

All in all the day was a success for all attending. It had the intended lovely family feel about it, the weather gods were reasonably kind except for one late afternoon wind blast to remind all who was in control.

To all that supported the day whether actively assisting on the day or by simply fronting up, MTA extends a hearty thank you.  Without your whole hearted support  the day would not have achieved the success it did.

On behalf of the MTA team warmest wishes are extended for a safe, happy, festive season and for a prosperous and exciting new year in 2018.

Craig Triffitt Acting Executive Manager, My Time Away


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