Time in the shed

The Time in the Shed program at Mornington has been very busy working on a variety of projects.

The participants were very excited when showing me their recent project that they have working on for the last few weeks.

I recently spoke with the group and  Travis Yasserie to get an insight into what has been going on in this program.
Travis had this to say;

The aim of each project is to ensure each participants capabilities are explored, recognised and have the opportunity to work together as a team.

The combined skill and knowledge from all attributes are put into these projects by the participants, ‘demonstrating that ability to participate is what matters most’. Travis mentioned that the guys can accomplish whatever they put their mind to.

The Time in the Shed crew make projects for each other supported by employees with a lot of handy materials that they have been able to source for the program.

The most recent project is Malcolm’s personalised dressing table with his favourite football team, matching paint colour with mirror as pictured. The drawers are kept in original condition with new knobs and the bottom drawers have his football team plaque screwed on from the inside.

Like all projects within the Time in the Shed program, the participants assist each other with all work enabling everyone involved to gain experience and skills particularly with working as a group.

Keep up the great work guys!

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