We are all stories in the end, just make it a good one eh? – Dr Who

My Home resident David Hamilton could quite possibly be Dr Who’s biggest fan. You will see David sporting his Tom Baker Scarf every day and can always hear the familiar sounds of the Dr Who show coming from his unit.

So why not turn his spare room into a place of imagination and fun by using his beloved Dr Who as the theme?

Together, Myself and David set out to do just that! A project that would take 6 months to fully complete, using some creativity, laughter and basic supplies, we  handmade each small and large item that takes pride of place in this dream room. Larger items like the bookcase were given a fresh coat of ‘Tardis Blue’ to compliment the room.

It is evident that David is in his element when lounging back in his Dr Who room, watching his Dr Who dvds and singing the Dr Who theme – like Dr Who said “for some people, small beautiful things are what life is all about”.

Jess Briers
Key Worker- My Home

David Dr Who DR Who

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