People We Support

Spring is in the air.

Put on your prettiest frocks and finest suits for an evening of revelry that will help enrich and improve the lives of people with disabilities and their families.
Our Annual Fundraising Gala will bloom in a setting near you on Saturday 15 September 2018.

Dress: Formal
Theme: Spring
Cost: $165 per head
*Inclusive of 3 course meal and drinks (beer, wine and soft drink)

Tickets Available soon

My Community is introducing a new program…Weird Science. Conduct exciting experiments each week and share your outcomes using a variety of media. Contact 6244 9444 today if you’re interested.

My Community held its second Taster Week in the last week of the school holidays.

Taster Week is an opportunity for the five streams of My Community to showcase their current programs as well as trial new program ideas in an “expo” like fashion. This provides participants with an obligation-free way to try new things, and make informed choices about their program activities for the year. For a lot of people it can be hard to make decisions about activities they’ve never tried, and we believe by providing this opportunity it gives participants real choice and control over how they spend their time with us. Hosting Taster Week in the school holidays also give participants in the Vacation Care program as a taste of what their future could be.

This year Taster Week used Bowen Road School as its base, and provided an exciting line up of experiences. Participants were able to give current program activities a try – such as Money Skills, which rather than a boring math class environment incorporates a mix of real life and fun learning activities. The Jammin’ program set up in an outside area, and attracted a lot of individuals who had a go playing music alongside our band, Silver Space. A Dance Workshop was held in the gym, and got everyone moving with smiles on their faces. There were woodwork and gardening opportunities plus a range of sporting activities on offer, including cricket, table tennis and a basketball clinic with David Munns from Basketball Tasmania.

Many new activities were trialled, including Create’s fired ink on glass and work on a new art installation, which many participants added their flair to. Know How trialled a science program, which included making wind-powered cars, kites and catapults, which engaged a wide variety of participants. Made to Measure had people making slime and Whizz Fizz, as well as relaxing in the sensory tent, or enjoying a massage. On the final day of Taster Week, Fit For Life held an athletics carnival, with running, sack and wheelchair races as well as a tug of war. For this it wasn’t just participants who had a go – many employees from head office joined in to get their own taste of My Community.

With Taster Week all wrapped up for 2018, Key Coordinators are beginning to meet with participants to discuss their goals for 2018 and what programs and activities they would like to do to work towards those goals.

Tiff Cooper
Service Manager- My Community

On Thursday the 15th of February Mosaic Support Services (Mosaic) met with the clients and their families that are looking to move into a new home currently under construction and due to be completed by the middle of this year (2018). The home will be owned by a new entity set up to construct homes suitable for supporting people with disabilities called the Supported Affordable Accommodation Trust (‘the Trust’) and will then be leased to Mosaic. This housing initiative was conceived in 2015 when Bob Gordon led a discussion at a Mosaic Family Forum – asking ‘how do we get people together to build group homes’. Following an extensive consultation process with clients, families and employees, the Trust entity was formed and a 4 x 2 bedroom affordable design was developed in conjunction with Systembuilt Homes that provides a balance of privacy and support.

Due to the configuration of the first site identified in Glenorchy, the Trust decided to proceed with a 3 x 2 bedroom unit design (rather than the original plan for 4 x 2 bedroom units). Work is now underway on that plan and the first of the three units is being constructed.

At the meeting with the potential residents and their families, Ralph Dodens (Mosaic CEO) advised that the first 2 bedroom display unit would be completed in March/April and will then be available for people to view at the Systembuilt Homes warehouse in Cambridge. Once we have the property title and building approval from the council, the remaining 2 units and the shared areas will then be constructed and transported to the site.

The clients and families involved with this first site viewed the final plans and then travelled to the Systembuilt Homes warehouse to see the first unit under construction. They all then travelled to the land in Glenorchy where all the units will be transported and constructed when complete..

This was such a fantastic opportunity for everyone involved to see the progress, visualise the final outcome as well as providing the clients and families another chance to get to know each other.

Rosie Voglino
Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Mosaic’s Band, “Silver Space,” brought their performance to MONA on Saturday 20th Jan as part of the Internationally acclaimed MONA FOMA festival 2018. Silver Space is David Montgomery, William Webster, Charlie Smith, Grant Pearson, Luke Campbell. The band has been really looking forward to this gig every since Brian Ritchie, the Curator of Music for MONA FOMA, contacted them to organise a performance. The band were presented with MOFO T-shirts with the phrase “All Are Welcome” on them, and the group was certainly made to feel a part of the overall festival as they interacted with other performers in the “Green Room” backstage, and worked with Mona Production staff and technicians to pull off a beautiful performance. The theme of the performance was Freedom, and the group rose to that theme, and showed a very attentive audience the power and passion of their work.

Steve Young
Coordinator- My Community

The Regatta Day long weekend saw another successful Old Beach Charity Car Show and Swap Meet. On Sunday the 11th of February, members of the local community gathered at the Old Beach Cricket Oval to experience the car show which is run annually in support of two chosen charities. Thank you to the Veteran Car Club of Australia (Tas) Inc. for organising this event and for again choosing Mosaic as one of the organisations to support. The other chosen organisation was RAW Tas (Rural Alive & Well).

Mosaic are so grateful to have received $2,000 from the Car Club as a donation for this event. The money will be going towards the new group home in Glenorchy to help cover shared equipment such as white goods for the new residents.

If you missed out on attending the car show this year then save the date for Sunday the 10th of February 2019.

Rosie Voglino
– Marketing and Communications Coordinator

On Saturday 9th December, My Time Away (MTA)  gathered to celebrate its 2017 Christmas Party in the traditional Australian way…. a BBQ at the Risdon Brook Dam. The lead-up to the occasion had MTA curiously watching Hobart’s accurate weather forecasts.

As we got closer to the day the weather map became the most visited Google site. The MTA team responded with speed and precision. Contingency plans swung into action as alternative venues were frantically sort.

It became glaringly apparent that there were no suitable venues available for hire that suited our needs on the day.  The end result was to grin and bear it with fingers crossed approach. The party was literally in the lap of the gods.

Saturday’s beginning was not a good start to our good weather wishes with strong winds and the odd shower with intimidating dark clouds.

Fortunately MTA  are a hardy bunch, so in excess of 90 brave souls battled on and enjoyed a wonderful day of fun, food, laughter and social connection.

Participants from all areas of MTA attended with parents, carers and staff members mingling and enjoying the company and the day.

For the little tackers and not so little, the face painting activity was a huge favourite with some really stunning animal themed motifs featuring. A big thank you to Frankie and Makala for their outstanding  efforts on the brushes and paints. I imagine there were some unimpressed people that night as face paints were attempted to be removed.

Manning the BBQ non stop was Gary Burgess (Eddie’s hubby) and Nigel Clutterbuck (Georgina’s Dad) who assisted over the course of the marathon cook up by employees  Jordan, David and Eddie.

Our thanks to Nettie Clutterbuck also who generously lent a hand to the success of the day.

And then there was the visit of the merry old gentleman in red; Santa distributed gifts to all the delighted children and young adults with much photography accompanying the activity.

I would like to send out a big thank you to Santa who speedily appeared and then disappeared before I could thank him for swinging by.

The quote of the day goes to the young man who with a beaming smile said; “Gee Santa’s looking a bit old this year!”

All in all the day was a success for all attending. It had the intended lovely family feel about it, the weather gods were reasonably kind except for one late afternoon wind blast to remind all who was in control.

To all that supported the day whether actively assisting on the day or by simply fronting up, MTA extends a hearty thank you.  Without your whole hearted support  the day would not have achieved the success it did.

On behalf of the MTA team warmest wishes are extended for a safe, happy, festive season and for a prosperous and exciting new year in 2018.

Craig Triffitt Acting Executive Manager, My Time Away


On the 3rd of December the My Home Residents and families gathered for our annual Christmas Party at the Glenorchy Football Clubrooms.

As the room filled with smiling, familiar faces, the chatter rose as everyone took their seats and caught up with old and new friends, family members and support staff. It wasn’t long before Ally V got us underway, we raised our glasses for those who were not with us this year, but of course still in our thoughts. We sang Happy Birthday to Michelle Sims who was celebrating her 40th Birthday and we rejoiced in being together to celebrate Christmas.

This year we had a DJ, so it wasn’t long before we were up on the dance floor boogieing to some old tunes, as the crowd danced along to the Village People, Abba and the Nutbush while our glorious food was being prepared in the Kitchen, and what a treat it was! Roast meats, vegetables and Ju, and Dessert of Pavlova or Pudding –  Thank you to the wonderful Service Managers and the Board for delivering our food to our tables. Crackers popped, laughter echoed, and conversations took place as everyone filled their bellies and enjoyed each other’s company.

What is the main event of a Christmas party? The question had been asked multiple times – “Is Santa Coming”?

Through the door came a jolly Santa with a huge smile – Merry Christmas! As everyone rushed back to their seats in excitement, Santa hand delivered gifts to each My Home resident at their tables, beaming smiles and eyes full of sparkles as everyone opened their gifts.

As the day was coming to an end, everyone started to say their goodbyes and a few more dances were had on the dance floor.

Thankyou to the Glenorchy Football Club, Jamie from Nightlife mobile music, Santa Clause and of course the Service Managers, The Board and all those who made our Annual Christmas party special.

Jess Briers Support Worker, My Home

It’s been very warm lately, so we thought it was a good time to remind everyone about Sun Safety. After a visit from the Cancer Council,the Words & Actions group reported back on what they had learned:

On Tuesday 21st November a lady names Jill from the Cancer Council came to visit the Moonah venue to talk to use about sun safety.

We learned that if the UV is over 3 you need to slip on a hat, slop on some sunscreen, slap on a hat, seek shade and slide on some sunnies. The UV rays cannot be seen or felt and they can even damage you skin on cool and cloudy days. Sun protection is most needed from mid-September to mid-April in Tasmania. We also learned that if you have a mole that is changing or getting bigger you should get it checked by a doctor.

  • Corey Geard, Bridget Coyle, Louise Pickering, Toumani Lovell-Merrett and Gabbie Eastley

Many other groups joined on the day to learn, and Jill also spoke a bit about other ways we can stay healthy and prevent cancer. Participants had some great questions for Jill, which she answered, and engaged everyone in discussion about Sun Safety and healthy eating.

If you want to check what the daily UV rating is, the Cancer Council have a SunSmart App available on the App Store.

The Time in the Shed program at Mornington has been very busy working on a variety of projects.

The participants were very excited when showing me their recent project that they have working on for the last few weeks.
I recently spoke with the group and  Travis Yasserie to get an insight into what has been going on in this program.
Travis had this to say;

The aim of each project is to ensure each participants capabilities are explored, recognised and have the opportunity to work together as a team.

The combined skill and knowledge from all attributes are put into these projects by the participants, ‘demonstrating that ability to participate is what matters most’. Travis mentioned that the guys can accomplish whatever they put their mind to.

The Time in the Shed crew make projects for each other supported by employees with a lot of handy materials that they have been able to source for the program.

The most recent project is Malcolm’s personalised dressing table with his favourite football team, matching paint colour with mirror as pictured. The drawers are kept in original condition with new knobs and the bottom drawers have his football team plaque screwed on from the inside.

Like all projects within the Time in the Shed program, the participants assist each other with all work enabling everyone involved to gain experience and skills particularly with working as a group.

Keep up the great work guys!

Simon Barton
Service Manager- Fit for Life

Mosaic Annual Gala Ball was held on the 9th of September at Wrest Point Casino.

The Hollywood themed ball was attended by 160 guests including corporate tables, employees and politicians. This was a substantial increase on last years event which is fantastic to see.

A huge thank you to the participants and employees who contributed to the success of the evening, whether through art, dance or multimedia, the night would not have been possible with out all of your hard work.

The Master of Ceremonies was Ron Franks who did a great job again this year and we would like to thank him for donating his time. We also had a surprise performance from Austin Franks who truly is a rising star.

Nic Stephen from Advance Workforce Development who is a trainer, facilitator, coach, father, husband and Stroke Safe Ambassador was the guest speaker and was very  inspirational to the attendees.  There were performances from Mosaic’s Amara and Miss Kitty Meows Burlesque who both did a great job.

Conor Canning from Ray White ran a very successful and entertaining auction pushing the bids up to maximise the contributions to the fundraising goal.

A huge thank you also to Rude Boy who ran a pop-up bar and donated the profits back to Mosaic.

The evening  raised $20,824.00 which has been allocated by the executive management team with the money going towards the completion of the Respite deck, the purchase of a kiln and upgrading the Multimedia Room. These will all be dedicated to participant programs.

Finally, a really big thankyou to the many partners and sponsors who contributed prizes and other ‘in kind’ contributions and of course the many guests who came along and generously participated in the evening.

Rosie Voglino
Marketing and Communications Coordinator



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