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The staff and clients at Daly Road have become very creative and are designing and making some masterpieces.

Have you seen our Terrarium?  What is a Terrarium you may well ask?

A terrarium is the ultimate, low-maintenance indoor garden. Terrariums can be made out of any clear glass or plastic container, from the humble glass pickle jar to a specially made terrarium case.

Some of you who have visited the office may have seen the wonderful Terrarium on the front desk. It was made by Joseph King and staff at Daly Road last week. We recycled the old fish bowl that used to home Rueben the ‘Singapore Fighting Fish’ at the Rosny office.

There are lost of steps involved in creating a terrarium and we have captured a few below:

daly 1 daly 2  Daly 3

daly 7      daly 6

If you would like to purchase one as a gift or just to brighten up your day, please contact Rosie at the office on 62 449444





On Thursday the 17th July, STAR was presented with the cheque associated with the grant from the Commonwealth Bank to support the STAR mobile learning program. This program will benefit Respite, Supported Tenancy and Young people in the accommodation services to be able to increase their skills and abilities in Information Technology, access to various social media platforms and enable clients to participate more fully in the research and design of an upcoming art project.

The staff and clients at Daly road held a morning tea celebration and Le Allie from the Moonah Branch of the Commonwealth Bank delivered the big cheque and morning tea J (we also have the real one that we can cash to pay for the 12 iPads which are on order).

Staff and clients are eagerly awaiting their arrival and it was a fun day had by all.

Thank you again to the Commonwealth Bank. Check out the great photos in the gallery.

Supported Tenancy Accommodation and Respite Tasmania – $6,474

Supported Tenancy Accommodation and Respite (STAR) provides accommodation, in-home and respite services for people with disabilities in Tasmania. It promotes client’s independence, boosts their overall quality of life and helps them to reach their full potential. This Community Grant will give 75 young people with disabilities access to Frasil, an innovative application that enables users to voice their opinions, ask for help and plan their day. This technology will support young people in a fulfilling experience in the STAR program and to facilitate more effective interaction and communication between clients and staff.



The Dave Smith Footy Tipping competition is well underway for 2014, It is a very closely fought competition for the top spot which alternates each week depending on the footy teams tipped. Also we’ve had several winners with some tippers winning 3 times!!

Dave is working tirelessly each week checking the tipster forms. He is very conscientious and watches most games for the results (part of the job description). Great job Dave.

Highlight of the footy tipping year is the Grand Final BBQ held at Dave’s house at Newtown. All tipsters are invited for an afternoon of  games, BBQ, presentation of the trophy and then “Game On”

Hope your Footy team are doing well, Look forward to seeing you at the BBQ 


Over the past 12 months, STAR has fully embraced the NDIS and have been on a steep learning curve along with clients, families and other service providers. We have been navigating the system and ensuring that our focus has been on current and new clients and families receiving as much information as possible about the changes.

STAR has found that families in particular have wanted support with “what questions to ask the planner” and assistance with clarifying what needs to be identified in their plan, as they have told STAR that “they are just used to having access to the regular services they receive and not having to “think outside the square”.

STAR encourages feedback about what this change means for clients and their families and continues to work with all involved to achieve the best outcome for the individual client.

We have definitely learnt a lot over the past year and look forward to learning more.

Ralphs Take on the NDIS to date…..

NDIS has been operating in Tasmania for just over a year now for people in the age cohort. That time has flown past and it seems like only yesterday that we were gearing up for the big changes.

It is good that it started on a phased in basis as there have been many teething issues including:

  •  the NDIA (NDIS’s agency) who have been having some difficulties with their systems initially and then bedding down new processes and getting used to the new support options available.
  • Clients have had to adjust to understanding that they now have much more control of what services they can receive and from whom.
  • From a Service Provider perspective, there have also been significant changes and challenges including the systems as well as how payments are made and the rates set for various services provided. This has led to the need for new quoting systems, ensuring that the right support line items are selected and a need for closer evaluation of costs incurred when providing services.In short, it has been a big learning process and I am pleased to be able to say that we all have learned a lot and systems seem to be working reasonably well. The best part is that a lot of new clients have now been able to access support services that they were not able to access previously and a number of existing clients have been able to get more support.We have recently heard that the full implementation of the scheme may be delayed beyond 1st July 2016 in order to ensure that it is implemented well. I am still hopeful that the existing challenges can be resolved well before that date and that it will not be delayed too much as a result. Some of the STAR clients and families have reflected back on the journey and have this to say:
  • “STAR supporting us has been great. If I didn’t have the support in place I would never leave the house. It enables me to have social interaction and attend appointments” K Graham
  • “I am happy living with STAR and the NDIS has helped me look into the future. Langford supports me in the weekdays with independent living skills and I am hoping that one day I will get my learners licence” S Geard
  • All of us, clients, families, providers and the NDIA are all wanting this to work as it has the potential to really meet the needs in the community for people with disabilities.


STAR Respite was asked to participate in MyTime sessions on the 23rd June and 25th July 2014. Darryleen Wiggins was contacted by Rachael Shotter from Association for Children with Disability (Tas.) Inc. Rachael runs these sessions for parents of Children with Disability or Chronic Medical Conditions. There are 4 MyTime Sessions in Southern Tasmania.

After the first My Time session held at Respite in June, this is what Rachael Shotter from Association for Children with Disability (Tas.) Inc. had to say:

“It was wonderful meeting you and your wonderful Staff the other day! 

 An eye opener for all of us that attended and after speaking with those that missed out as well as the group that went, was such a very worthwhile exercise! 

 Thank you again for your openness and honesty and showing us what a wonderful facility you have.

 I think it made all the difference to those who did attend, to get a real feel for your service and the people that would be supporting our children and would like to open up that session to the two groups in order to ensure those specific parents who would (most down the track a little) benefit from what you have to offer.  I think if they have a first hand experience on your service they would be more open to it as this was the main point of feedback on the session we had.”

For more information go to


The Great Adventure

STAR clients recently participated in a Club STAR event known by all as ‘The Great Adventure’. Based largely on previous successful mystery tour events, the day began with clients and staff converging on the Derwent Entertainment Centre car park to receive the first clue in a race around the realm. After solving a series of mind boggling clues some teams found their way to Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary for a much deserved pit stop.


All of the clients participating in the Great Adventure generously donated a gold coin; all donations received were donated to Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary towards the building of an animal hospital at the sanctuary to care for injured and orphaned Tasmanian native animals. Due to the generosity of all participants, Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary kindly allowed clients and staff to enter the sanctuary and meet a baby wombat up close. Many of the clients enjoyed the opportunity to get up close with such an amazing native Tasmanian animal.


The day concluded with the final leg of the race finishing at the Claremont RSL club for Lunch, drinks and socialising.


A big thankyou to all the clients who attended and the staff who made the event possible. An even bigger thankyou to both the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary and the Claremont RSL who donated their time and venues for this event.

Beyond Our Boundaries July 2015

Beyond Our Boundaries

BOB (Beyond Our Boundaries) is an initiative of the Festival of Voices, inviting individuals and groups of artists living with disability to showcase their talent in the creative hub and heart of Hobart: July, 2015 (dates to be confirmed).

Artists, acrobats, actors, sculptors, dancers, puppeteers, singers, multi-media artists, film-makers, writers, circus performers, choristers, choirs, troupes, groups, theatre companies, dance companies, production companies, schools are all invited to come, perform and participate.

BOB aims to:

  • Be a creative hub and platform for inspiration for artists living with disability from all over the world

  • Showcase and promote artists living with disability from visual, performing, literary, media and integrated art forms

  • Engage and inspire young artists living with disability to explore and embrace their own creative talent

  • Foster partnerships and collaborations that enhance opportunities for artists with disability to practice and share their work with a wider public

  • Provide accessible professional development and networking opportunities

BOB is currently seeking expressions of interest for its festival in July 2015. You can register your interest here or for more information, please email or call Megan Cunningham at STAR who will assist you to submit your expression of interest.

Marcus meets the Soweto Gospel Choir

Marcus and the Soweto Gospel Choir

The Soweto Gospel Choir were in town in July 14 and Marcus Plummer was one of the joyous audience members to enjoy their sublime voices and unique dance energy. They sang traditional and modern gospel songs, some dedicated to Nelson Mandela. Marcus was especially interested in the percussion bongo drums and the South African National Anthem was a highlight.

Towards the end of the concert, we were invited to get up and dance. We went up to the stage and Marcus slapped hands with one of the choir members. It was a fantastic and uplifting night.

Celebrate in style

Happy Birthday David

On the 4th of May 2014 David turned 40, and celebrated life in style.

On that day David achieved some of his dreams, dreams that may seem small for some, but big for David!

David worked closely with staff who listened to him so that he could communicate his dreams.

David’s dream to have a friend come to his birthday party was achieved that Sunday.

David, a HUGE Dr Who fan, skilfully showed staff (by using the internet) which Dr Who episodes he wanted. He now has all the Dr Who Tom Baker episodes in his collection. A dream David carried for such a long time has been achieved!

It was a wonderful party enjoyed by David and all who attended the afternoon celebrations.

What is the best thing about being at Daly Road?

Learning to tell the time, hanging out with friends and visiting the STAR office.

What are your favourite things to do at Daly Road?

Reading books, swimming, volunteering at Food Bank, grocery shopping, cooking cakes and going out for BBQ’s.

Who are your friends at Daly Road?

Andrew, Casey and everybody else at Daly Road.

A favourite memory from Daly Road?

My 19th birthday, we made a triple chocolate and carmel cake, it said “Happy Birthday Cody”. I had a great birthday at Daly Road, plus I got some presents!!

Daly Road Volunteers

Food Bank Friday's

A number of our young people have been volunteering each week at the Food Bank in Glenorchy. Our participation enables us to assist others in the community as well as meeting other volunteers and learn all about how the Food Bank works.

Kym has recently found her passion for art and is often in the STAR office taking orders for original canvas art work. After negotiating a price, Kym works hard at creating a master piece, many are displayed in our rooms at the New Town office. Kym has created a “Beauty” for the auction of our Annual Quiz night on the 9th August… “the highest bidder takes the prize. You could be that person.”


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