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Hot Rod

Car Enthusiast

Rod Barwick is a regular face at Respite. He is a car and motorbike enthusiast, especially cars with a little colour and age.  While at Respite, Rod loves to share his passion for fast cars and enjoys connecting with other people over his car magazines.  A couple of years ago, Respite staff supported Rod to ride on a motorised trike around Hobart; an experience that Rod still reminisces about with great fondness.

Rod’s recent visit to Respite coincided with a big event that was right up his alley: the “Street Rod Nationals” at the Royal Hobart Showgrounds.   The showcasing of hundreds of vintage and customised hot rods was an event not to be missed!  On Saturday morning Rod and staff headed off to the showgrounds to check out the hot rods.  Many cars captured Rod’s interest and the more colourful the better.  Rod enjoyed a bite to eat and caught up with some friends and fellow hot rod enthusiasts along the way.

Rod was also captivated the next morning when a staff member brought her husband’s motorbike to Respite.  Everyone checked out this large cruising bike and Rod even tried on the helmet.

Later that day, Rod enjoyed shooting some hoops with some other people at Respite.  All in all, another memorable weekend at Respite for Rod.



Working together

Respite supports family

Alison and Greg Curtin are pleased with how the NDIS has helped their family. Alexander has been attending Respite since June 2011 originally for one night a month. Alexander has specific meal management needs and because of this he would not accept staff assisting him. Alison and Greg would have to come to the Respite unit at dinner time and help Alexander with his meal and pick him up early the next day so that he could go home and have his next meal. This was a big drain on the family but one they happily did for Alexanders benefit. Gradually as staff and Alexander got to know each other Alexander started to trust staff more and more. One day Alison thought that maybe it was time for the staff to assist Alexander with his meals. In January 2013, Darryleen Wiggins, Respite Program Manager rang the Gateway and made a referral on behalf of Alison and Greg to receive funding for a complex care plan in order for staff to be trained in Alexanders specific meal management needs. In July 2013, Alison and Greg were notified that funding had been secured and Alexanders complex care plan could be developed for Respite. The staff were finally trained on the 31st October and on this weekend Alison and Greg has their first weekend of respite without having to visit the unit to assist Alexander. This was a momentous occasion for both the family and for Respite staff who had all hoped that this day would arrive. Alexander now accesses Respite more regularly as he is also eligible for the NDIS. Alexander’s plan has been written and funding was approved. Alison and Greg are very happy with the outcome for Alexander and have stated that the NDIS has worked for their family.

Achieving goals

Relaxation Time


Lynne, her family and support team would like to share their excitement in being part of Lynne’s triumph in achieving a dream and a life goal. Lynne loves the water, and swimming is a relaxing hobby and pass time for her. She recently recommenced this “fun thing to do” which she hasn’t been able to do for years. Lynne is now a regular “pool  buff”.

Joe Scores Goals

Joe joins community soccer club

Joe has joined “The Big Issue” street soccer program held at the Moonah Sports Centre. Joe started playing in March 2014 and has shown great improvement over the past few months. Joe has learnt a few “nifty” soccer moves from his team mates. Joe has his own cheer squad often heard from the side lines barracking for Joe – “go Joe go”.

Joe at soccer

Joe at soccer

joe soccer 1

Raph’s take on Respite

Clocks required !!

What is the best thing about staying at Respite?

Watching TV

Resting on the couch – “most comfortable couch I have ever sat on”

What are your favourite things to do at Respite?

Playing with building blocks

Playing with the doctors set

Train and car tracks


Who are your friends at Respite?







Is there anything you would change about Respite?

More clocks

I would like a slide

I would like to stay on Wednesday nights instead on Monday nights because I am missing Thomas. Thomas plays awesome games with me!


Donna’s Journey

Choir of High Hopes

Donna travelled to Launceston for performances with the Hobart Choir of High Hopes. The first concert was held at the Launceston Theatre, Donna dressed for the occasion with make-up to complete and was very excited for the concert. Donna performed extremely well and sang beautifully. The highlight of the concert was when members of the choir shared their stories. Donna realised everyone had a story to tell and that she was part of the journey and a valued member of the choir.

The next day, the choir travelled to the Burnie Arts Centre, after a practice they stopped for dinner, which was provided by the theatre. Everyone was just about to go on stage when the fire alarm sounded and everyone had to vacate the building. Bit a of drama!!

Donna and the girls, (her choir friends) all looked gorgeous for their big production. The choir received a standing ovation at both concerts and they all bowed to the audience, Donna bowed sitting in her wheelchair. The choir applauded the audience for their support.

The performances were recorded and everyone was able to get a copy of the recording.

Donna did an amazing job and although extremely tired , attended all practices and performances, interacting well with everyone, and sang her heart out.

Unfortunately the weather was horrendous for the entire trip, the north of Tassie had some of the worst weather reported for that year. Thank you to our staff Janine Bird and Kim Hoddy who made this journey positive and possible.

Well done Donna, we are very proud of you.

Note: The Choir of High Hopes lives up to its name. Every member has faced medical or emotional challenges and adversities, all coming together to support one another in composition and song in a non judgmental environment. A song composed by members of the choir is “Journeys”

Judy Towart

I love art

Hi, my name is Judy Towart and a BIG welcome  to a little ‘window’ into my life and love of art. I love art! I create it, sell it, and more recently… sing it! I have always had a love of visual art.  Scrap booking and creating 3D cards has been a long-time passion of mine.  It makes me very happy that both Beni-Abbes and Mission Australia have taken a liking to my 3D cards, selling them at their premises. When not creating art I have enjoyed growing vegetables, especially tomatoes, silver beet and lettuce. But more recently, I discovered another way of expressing myself.  My support worker Helen from Beni- Abbes knew I was on the lookout for more activities and community involvement to break the winter blues.  Helen thought I might like to join her at the choir.  Not just any choir but the Choir of High Hopes. Helen spoke with Darryleen Wiggins from STAR about supporting me with this new activity as the choir met when I was staying at Respite. Helen picked me up that day from Respite and we headed to my first rehearsal.  I felt a little unsure, this being my first time and I did not know what to expect. But rehearse we did, every Tuesday between 1.30 and 3.00pm.  We started with warm-up exercises and sang, sang, sang.  Many times I caught a taxi to rehearsal, keen to be involved.  I have made some friends and together we sing as one. Our motto is:

  Everyone is welcome. If you can breathe, you can SING!
 We have performed several times in the last few months including an outdoor show at Salamanca in September, Rosny Library in November and on December 8 at Scots Memorial Church. We are performing at the Glenorchy Carols by Candlelight on December 14. Why not come along for a listen! I get great pleasure while performing and just love being part of this fantastic bunch of people.  A fellow choir member and support person John said he’s never seen me so engaged.  At our Salamanca concert for the Tall Ships Festival, we shared the day with the usual Hobart spring weather – rain, sunshine, and more rain.  But, perform we did.  An audience grew and a support person from respite passed me hot food to help keep me going.   It all started with just one rehearsal.  I’m looking forward to the next challenge… Please check out the video of us singing at Salamanca Square. That’s me in the red coat, standing second from the left in the front row! Judy

Singing at Salamanca Square

Margie Thompson

Social Butterfly

Hi my name is Margie Thompson and I live with my Mum. I am a social butterfly – I know lots of people! I like to go dancing, love music and craft.

When I am at home during the week days I spend time drawing, using the computer, and I like to log on to Facebook to keep in touch with friends and to see what is going on. On the weekends my Mum and I go out to family gatherings for BBQ’s and picnics.

I love going to stay at Respite in Lutana and I would like to have a booking every 4 weeks (or when a booking is available) and when my Mum goes on holiday.

At Respite I like to bake cakes. We have made chocolate, banana and cream sponge and the best thing is we get to eat it!!

The best part of Respite is the people who come to stay they are very caring, as are the staff. I like to see Tammy and Louise, they are fun. When I am not making jewellery and jigsaws we often go out for lunch, which includes SHOPPING – YEAH. Recently on the weekends we have been to some markets for an outing. On occasions I assist the staff with grocery shopping. I usually always take my computer so that I can play games, show my photos and listen to my music.

I forgot to mention about the game ‘Connect 4’ – I am the Respite Champion. Neither staff nor other people visiting can beat me!!

Soon it is my birthday and I would love to spend this time at Respite. I have asked the Client Service Manager Ally Valetich if I would be able to come in for my birthday. Ally said she would see if this is possible. Hopefully my friends will be in at the same time!!!

One of my dreams is to work in an office. I would like this very much. Another dream is to access Respite more often or move to one of STAR Tasmania’s Group Homes.

My next big thing is to go and visit my Dad who lives in Queensland. This will be either in April or August. My Dad has a yacht. FUN FUN

Until next time bloggers

Over and out



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