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On November 19th, Yvonne and Jacqui went to see Todd McKenney in a Peter Allen Tribute Show at Wrest Point Casino.

Yvonne thoroughly enjoyed the show and was treated to a special serenade by Todd!  As you can see by the look on her face, it made her night. 


My Home resident David Hamilton could quite possibly be Dr Who’s biggest fan. You will see David sporting his Tom Baker Scarf every day and can always hear the familiar sounds of the Dr Who show coming from his unit.

So why not turn his spare room into a place of imagination and fun by using his beloved Dr Who as the theme?

Together, Myself and David set out to do just that! A project that would take 6 months to fully complete, using some creativity, laughter and basic supplies, we  handmade each small and large item that takes pride of place in this dream room. Larger items like the bookcase were given a fresh coat of ‘Tardis Blue’ to compliment the room.

It is evident that David is in his element when lounging back in his Dr Who room, watching his Dr Who dvds and singing the Dr Who theme – like Dr Who said “for some people, small beautiful things are what life is all about”.

Jess Briers
Key Worker- My Home

David Dr Who DR Who

The Mosaic My Home Client and Family Christmas Event occurred on Sunday the 4th December 2016 with over 160 people in attendance including clients, families, friends, staff and board members.

Once again we held the event at the Lindisfarne Rowing Club with Chinnocks Catering as our ever fantastic supplier of a great meal. It was a very happy and festive event with fantastic weather and great company. This annual celebration cannot happen in isolation and with the wonderful support of the My Home Team and Board Members everything ran very smoothly.

A big thankyou to Austin Franks for entertaining us by singing us a few songs – he was absolutely fabulous and has a very big career in entertainment if that is what he chooses to do! Also thanks to Luke Obrien who ran the photo booth for us which was a big hit to clients and families.

Merry Christmas Everyone.


IMG_1617 IMG_1582IMG_1601

IMG_1554 IMG_1511 IMG_1507 IMG_1496 IMG_1481

The below information has been supplied to us by the City of Hobart. We think that this information is great and want to share it with all of our clients and families.

The City of Hobart is committed to making our venues and events as accessible as possible so that they can be enjoyed by all visitors. The following information will assist guests with access and mobility issues.

EVENT accessibility doc

On the 20th of August, Barbara celebrated her 90th birthday and a birthday party was a must.

After much planning and excitement the big day finally arrived and pampering the birthday girl was underway.   Breakfast in bed, home visits from the hairdresser and nail technician, a new outfit, the lippy and Barb was ready to party.

The party was held at the RSL Club Gallipolli room, and Barb arrived early to welcome her guests as they arrived. 70 plus guests! Family members, friends and well wishers came with cards, presents and flowers and she was in her element reigning supreme.

As the afternoon progressed we heard speeches from her grand daughters Lisa and Darlene. Her long time friend Shirley Sonner shared some stories about Barbs younger years and some of the mischief  she got up to. Along with the laughs there were many happy memories for Barb. We heard from Denice Cashion who regaled us with some more recent stories and humour about living in the group home and time at Willow Court.

After the speeches it was time to eat, drink and merry. Barb enjoyed a bottle of beer, a gift from the barman who had been listening to her stories and Barb had won another heart.

Next came the birthday cake (Barbs favourite food), blowing out the candles and cutting the cake. Barb took the microphone so she could sing to us, she gained cheers and applause from all including other patrons in the bar.

Barb had a lovely time and was thrilled with all the gifts and flowers she received. The gift that shone for her most, was from her wonderful grand daughter Danya in the form of a beautiful 7lb 8oz baby girl, Maya Louise who arrived the morning of Barbara’s birthday, Great grandma is very proud of her first great granddaughter.

Watching Barb spend time with her family and friends and seeing her pleasure in their company, I’m sure everyone present could see her tenacity, her courage and love of life that has helped carry her through to this milestone of her life.

The day ended with a weary but very happy lady and all her guests felt privileged to have shared in her big day.

Julia Roberts
Disability Support Worker

Mosaic could not be more proud of the commitment, strength and overall creativity from all of the contributors to the week-long event held at the Moonah Arts Centre. MoFA has excited the hearts and minds of our collective audience, which not only included clients and employees within the Mosaic space, but also across the entire arts community in Hobart.

The energy from those who have taken part in the original collection of many art forms has been truly breathtaking.  This memorable event has reinforced the commitment of our employees to our clients to express themselves, share their varied creative talents, and truly “live life my way”. The MFoA fortified the belief that each and every one of us has a meaningful contribution to make to our wider society and has successfully pushed forward to breaking the glass ceiling for actors and artisans of all abilities.

Documentation of the opening of the inaugural Mosaic Festival of Art at Moonah Art Centre. Moonah

Documentation of the opening of the inaugural Mosaic Festival of Art at Moonah Art Centre. Moonah


Documentation of the opening of the inaugural Mosaic Festival of Art at Moonah Art Centre. Moonah

MAC 21

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View full program below

PROGRAM- Mosaic Festival of Arts 2016



Luke turned 20 on 08/09/2016. For his birthday he invited his friends through Facebook, family by phone and of course invited all staff from the Mosaic office when he came in that week! The day had come and Luke had decided to visit his mum for the day to celebrate his birthday with her. But first there was the morning at The Bay house. Off course the house was decorated with banners and there was cake for breakfast. Luke decided he wanted his presents straight away so he unwrapped his presents(2 deadpool t-shirts, a voucher to pick up WWE 2K 17 in October when it releases, a gift card for EB games and, his favourite, a call of duty jumper which he wore straight away!)

Tarnya, Luke’s mum, treated Luke well with a nice lunch with the two of them together. Tammy (normally one of Luke’s support workers but at the moment the house service manager) dropped him off and picked Luke up again in time to get ready for his party. Luke was getting more and more excited as his party was about to start. The first people started arriving and food was ready. Pizza was on the menu and there were also sausage rolls and party pies. But instead of digging in, Luke had decided we couldn’t start until his Nan had arrived, as she had made sure she got back in time from Melbourne to come to Luke’s party. A few people were surprised at this but the people that know Luke well knew he is a gentleman (at times) and would not want his Nan to miss out.

As soon as Shirley arrived we started on the pizzas and then, while most people were quiet while eating, Luke thought this would be a great moment for him to start telling stories. And as we know Luke, we knew something was coming. He started telling about all kinds of things that were too embarrassing to repeat here! And thinking that all the stories were nearly over till more people arrived and Luke had to include everyone before he could finish. Then of course, there was cake. Not just any cake but a special Collingwood cake that Tammy had ordered for Luke. It was not only one of the best looking cakes I have eaten but it was delicious too! When all the cake was gone, and Luke had run out of stories, he thanked everyone for coming and it was time to wrap up the night. All that I have left to say is thanks to all that helped to make it a great day!

Disability Support Worker


On Wednesday 27th July the Independence & Empowerment group were invited to visit the Certificate III Disability class at Tas TAFE.

Nick Brooks, Alex Morris-Baguley, Gerry Cruz-Groombridge, Kaylee Millington and Joel Nichols were accompanied by employees Bianca McKenzie and Tiff Cooper. The group have been working this year on creating Pictello presentations about their lives and the things that are important to them. This has given them the opportunity to practice their literacy skills and express themselves in different and easily accessible ways. (Pictello is an iPad app used for creating visual stories that can be read out by a speech generator).  Some members of the group (such as Rachael Jackson and Bridget Coyle who couldn’t attend on the day) are quite skilled with the app and have even been mentoring their peers in how to use it.

The group who visited TAFE showed their Pictello presentations to the students, talked about their experiences at Mosaic, and the other achievements they have been making in their lives. Students also had the opportunity to ask questions, which some participants answered verbally, while others such as Nick and Kaylee had the opportunity to answer using their communication devices and show their skills using Key Word Sign.

Although talking to such a large group was daunting for some at first, they quickly warmed to the students and took great pride in sharing their life experiences. At the end of the session each client was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation from Tas TAFE.

The group’s presentation to the students was so well received that they have been invited back in coming weeks to meet with the students again.

The Independence & Empowerment group is a Know How program that runs on Wednesdays under the coordination of Kim Wheeler and Tracy Ryan. Since the group has been working on these projects we have seen a great increase in their confidence, and also learned new things from our clients that have helped us provide more opportunities within their My Community Programs.

Mosaic Support Services, in conjunction with Eastside Activity Centre held a Jump-A-Thon on Sunday the 7th of August. Mosaic required funds to purchase a trampoline for one of the community access sites. The Jump-A-Thon was a great way to raise funds whilst at the same time holding an event that was fun for all age groups and gave employees, families, clients and other stakeholders the opportunity to get involved in fundraising.

The event was opened by The Honourable Elise Archer MP, who made a personal donation, did a great job of getting all of the jumpers excited for the day and even had the first Jump. The day was a great success with over 150 people accessing the centre throughout the day to show their support. We also had Senator Carol Brown,Senator Catryna Bilyk and Federal Labor member Julie Collins MP come to the centre to participate  in the event and make personal donations, so thank you for your support.

The event raised $6,000, well over our target of the $1,500 needed for the purchase of the trampoline. This meant that we are able to allocate the excess funds to the Mosaic wish list, which is put forward by the Support Workers and clients from each program area.

We would like to thank all of our participants and their sponsors for making this event such a success. Not only did we beat our target but everyone had so much fun. What was even better was to see the joy on so many faces of our clients. We know a lot of clients will be visiting the site to access the trampoline.

A big thank you to Eastside Activity Centre for donating the use of your centre, for providing jumpers and staff and also thank you for your generous cheque. Without your support this event would not have been possible. Thank you to Banjo’s Bakery Café for the donation of bread and a voucher for each participant and to the Royal Hobart Regatta for donating the Sausages. It was the generosity of our sponsors that enabled us to raise well above our target.


On Monday the 15th of August Mosaic Support Services participants were involved in baking and decorating cupcakes for a great cause. Participants from both Food Skills and Recipe Round Up came together to raise funds for the RSPCA by participating in the RSPCA Cupcake Day Fundraiser.

What makes this even more special is that the idea belonged to Ross Cooper who is one of our participants. I was approached by Ross who felt very strongly about  helping to stop animal cruelty. The next day I spoke to Simon Barton (Service Manager)  who swung into action by organising  two of the cooking programs to come together for this great cause. As the event fell on a day that Ross normally works he sacrificed a day of work to help the groups.

Thank you to the RSPCA who brought some puppies to the venue helping to show the participants what they were raising funds for.

Around 200 cupcakes were made, decorated and sold throughout the day and $400 was raised for the RSPCA to help fight animal cruelty.

A big thank you to everyone involved and especially to Ross for coming up with such a great way to give back to the community.


We are very proud to announce that Hannah Murray was jointly awarded the Equity Trainee of the year award on Friday night. Hannah was the first Ticket to Work school based trainee in Tasmania, undertaking her Certificate II in Business whilst completing year 13 at Claremont College.

Mosaic is very lucky to have Hannah employed as an Administration Assistant one day a week and we are excited to be part of Hannah’s training journey as we watch her continue to grow and develop.

A big thank you to Hannah and Kelly Murray for inviting us to be part of the evening.

Congratulation also goes out to Jacob O’Beirne, the shared recipient of the award. It was lovely to meet Jacob and his family and sit on the same table to share this momentous occasion.

If you are visiting Mosaic or NDIA be sure to look out for Hannah and Jacob. You may even get a glance of the very impressive and large trophy!

Congratulations to both winners, you inspire us all to be the best versions of ourselves.





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