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The Mosaic Masquerade Ball was held on Saturday 8th October at Wrest Point Hobart.

We had 134 guests attending and raised above and beyond what we had expected!

The BrightStars Dance Troupe started off the night and were fantastic and our M.C Ron Franks was fabulous, we couldn’t have asked for a better M.C!  Matt Bugg’s speech about his journey as a Paralympian was phenomenal and Sean & Tori – Acoustic Duo and The Weekenders had the dance floor packed all night.

Austin Franks told us about his experiences with growing up with a sister with a disability and shared a song with everyone. It is safe to say that there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Conor Canning from Ray White Hobart was a fantastic Auctioneer and helped Mosaic to raise an amazing amount of money in the live auction.

There are so many people who contributed to the ball that it is impossible to mention everyone!  But to everyone who organised a prize, brought along guests, helped with preparations on the night, a huge thank you!

The money raised will be used to purchase a specialty high/low bed for our Respite Centre and many other items from the Mosaic Wish List. .

Check out the photos from the evening taken by Ken McColl from Stuffinmyeye Photography

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Earlier this year a job was advertised via CareCareers for ProjectABLE presenters. The position was looking for people with lived experience of a disability to work as a team presenting workshops at high schools and colleges.

The workshops are aimed at both raising awareness of disability, and also the career opportunities in the sector. Mosaic client Rachael Jackson has participated in these workshops in the past, as well as having lots of experience presenting to TAFE Certificate III students, so she was excited about applying for the paid position.

Gerard Dixon who has been doing our Ways2Work program also applied for the position. Both Gerard and Rachael had interviews with National Disability Services (who run the workshops), and were successful in gaining casual employment.

They have since completed their training and delivered their first workshop to Elizabeth College students.

Rachael says that it is “great to be working as part of a team, and although it’s strange being with a new group, everyone is getting on well”. Her past experience has helped her, but she still gets nervous when presenting. She has also been pleasantly surprised by the response from the students, who ask her a lot of questions!

Gerard sees both the positives and challenges of working with a team, but is finding the experience is very good, and helping him in his Ways2Work program. Lately they have been focusing a lot on his personal goals, and the job with ProjectABLE is helping him work towards these. Getting a job was one of his goals, and now he wants to save up the money he’s earned to plan a future holiday.

Congratulations to both Rachael and Gerard on these exciting achievements, and we wish them both the best of luck with their future workshops!

The Ability to Create Exhibition was held this year from Friday the 27th of May to Monday the 30th of May. The exhibition was a great opportunity for Mosaic Support Services to showcase some of the art work that clients have been working on for the past 12 months.

Being part of the Ability to Create Exhibition, whose focus is recognising the talent of people with disability and raising awareness, has given the clients of Mosaic the chance to showcase their talents to the community.

Mosaic had the opportunity to collaborate with many individuals and organisations to get the 2016 exhibition off the ground. We are grateful to the Hobart City Council for again giving us the opportunity to exhibit along side so many amazing artists: Freddy Lee- Mount, Allan Culph, Mathers House, Oak Tasmania, Hobartians and Southern Support School.

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I recently pulled the attached letter out of my pigeon hole and panicked seeing the Tasmania Police logo… However, I was pleasantly surprised to find a thank you letter for Mosaic’s participation in the Interviewing Vulnerable Witnesses program in May.

We have been involved in this in the past, but this year were given a  last minute call on 6th of May asking if we could come down the following day. Two groups from Know How and Hang Out, accompanied by support workers Emily Grubb, Paulo Saisoaa and Veerpal Kaur.

This has always been a wonderful opportunity for our participants, as not only do they get a tour of the Police Academy and a free lunch, they get to do their part for the community by educating police recruits in how to interview vulnerable witnesses.

The letter also states: “Feedback collated from the Police and Child Protection Workers overwhelmingly endorsed the visit by Mosaic Support Services staff and clients as the best part of the course, with many of the course learning’s cemented during the practical interactions.”

So a huge commendation to our participants and employees for their participation on the day.

Tiff Cooper
Service Manager- Know- How



On Monday 9th May, Mosaic had a visit from the Liberal Team, including Senator Eric Abetz, Senate Candidate Jonathon Duniam, Marcus Allan, Candidate for Denison and Amanda-Sue Markham; Candidate for Franklin.

The Senators, along with CEO Ralph Doedens and My Community Executive Manager Kellie Silver visited our Know How programs at the Mosaic Moonah Venue. Participants talked to the Liberal Team about the different projects and skills they’ve been working on.

Charlie Smith showed everyone the plans he had been working on and some of the woodwork he had produced for a sea-themed mobile in the Recycle & Revamp program.

Participants from the Communications Program talked to the politicians about the newsletter they are producing, which is a great way to put their literacy skills into action and share information with the wider organisation.

Matthew McGrath proudly showed his abilities in Money Skills. Pailin Morton was able to chat to Amanda-Sue Markham with the aid of her communication device and all of our visitors enjoyed chatting with her.

Having the Liberal Team visit our venue was a great opportunity to be able to step back and reflect on the achievements and the opportunities our participants are involved in every day. A big thank you to the My Community employees for being so hospitable on the day.

The Future Pathways program was created as an option for people who have finished in the education system and who are looking for options post school. This is a program that assists clients to look at other options e.g. further schooling, work options or community access, and is a program that is run from 9am-3pm, 5 days a week. Clients work at their own individual pace through this program, learning skills that assist them to become work ready or to recognise what option is the best fit for them into the future.

Clients begin this course working in a class room type environment, by utilising a work book that makes people think about who they are and to gain an understanding about what other people need and expect from them. This prepares clients to think about what employers require from them, and how they can be valued team members.

The program assists people to understand what they can offer an employer and why they need to act and dress a certain way.  With all of this information clients, can make an informed decision about a career path or other options.

The Future Pathways Program works on confidence building and skill development to enable them to be work ready and to recognise that they may require further training to achieve their goals.  This is done through group presentation work and volunteering options.  By creating small and supportive groups of people who are at similar places in their lives, who are making the same life decisions, enables them to support each other.

Clients will visit various workplaces of interest to them and, begin to investigate what the employees wear, how they present themselves and the various tasks they perform during a shift. This process assists people to truly understand what each job entails, and what is required of them so they can make an informed decision about their career options.

Each group member will walk away with a much better understanding of themselves, a detailed and realistic resume to showcase their skills and abilities, and a plan of the direction they want there life to head and a toolbox of skills to take on the journey to paid or supported employment or day support options.

Two of our participants have shown a real interest in hospitality, so the group have spent time investigating what skills and abilities they would need to preform that job. They are working on presentation, budgeting, cooking and confidence building. They are now cooking weekly and delivering these items to sell to the office staff at Tower Road.  They have sold their baked goods and now are working on budgeting so they can better understand what they’ll need to sell, and the number of items sold to earn the money back to be able to purchase more ingredients to make various other goodies.

Another client has shown an interest in laboring work, particularly in gardening and building area.  He has been involved in the planning and restoring of garden furniture for a new sensory garden at one of our venues.  He has shown that he is a determined and hard worker who has identified the resources and tools he needs to complete his job.  He has worked independently on his garden furniture and is happy to let others assist during this process and even passed on some of his learnt skills.

Mosaic’s ‘Scrap Metal Dogs’ Performance Art Percussion Ensemble played in the Long Gallery, Salamanca last Friday night as part of the Opening Night festivities at the annual Art-From-Trash Exhibition. With its collection of home-made percussion instruments made from recycled bits and pieces, the group was a perfect match for the Exhibition with its own contribution of ‘Techno-Trash!’ Well done ‘Dogs; thank you AJ Webberley, Mick Lowenstein, Matthew Hill, Jonathan Murphy, Brad Ward, Christian De La Cruz, Steve Young, and Lucinda Toynbee Wilson from Art From Trash. The group is keen to take on another member or 2…or 3!  For further information contact Steve Young, Key Coordinator for the Mosaic Scrap Metal Dogs on

6244 9444 or email

It is not every day that we get to share with you a story like this one. The generous donation of materials from Sharps Metal Fabrication means the world to Nathan as he finally has what he needs to assist him to cope with his day to day environment.

We all have different ways of dealing with our day to day lives and when we work with children and adults with disabilities we need to be creative in our approach to what works for them. Some people require a specific focus on sensory based activities and for Nathan his new piece of equipment is something he has been waiting a long time for.

It was amazing to see Nathan’s face today when he was able to access a swing that assists him to feel calm and relaxed in the comfort of his own home.

Thank you once again to Ian Lobley, Michael Sharp  and Sharps Metal Fabrication



Italian culture is something that Luke has always been interested in. Recently he spoke to his Service Manager Michelle about wanting to learn about Italian culture and to speak the language.

Together they decided that exploring Italian food may be a good way to start learning about Italy.

Julian and Luke went for dinner at Solo Pizza and Pasta to explore the different types of food that you would find in Italy. Upon arrival Luke was greeted by the restaurant owner Simon and they hit it off straight away with some friendly banter. Luke happened to be wearing his Collingwood jacket and as Simon is a Carlton supporter he took Luke over to see some of his memorabilia to try and convert him, not a chance of that happening though!

Luke went around the restaurant with Simon and observed him working in between his dinner courses. When he was finished dinner Luke asked Simon for a copy of the Solo menu so he could take it home and learn what the items were and decide what he was going to order before he got to the restaurant next time. They got along so well that Simon is going to spend time with Luke and share with him about his experiences in Italy and about Italian culture. Luke already has a few words in his repertoire and with spending time with Simon he will be able to expand his knowledge.

This week Luke is cooking lunch for Simon and we are all excited hear how it goes.

A big thank you to Leo Club of Glenorchy City who last year held a fundraiser to go towards a sensory garden at our Respite Centre. The money raised will be used to purchase purpose built planter boxes, soil, herbs, plants & wind chimes. Rhys Hardman and Jenna Moate from Leo’s and Sharon Bayles from Lions (Leo’s Advisor) visited us at the office today to hand over the cheque. We are thrilled to have the continued support from Leo’s and Lions Clubs International Tasmania Wide and look forward to the completion of the Respite Deck and sensory garden.

What does our board think of the new brand?

When I first heard the name from Ralph, I wasn’t sure what to think. It seemed so different from the current names of the two merged entities.

I guess it wasn’t what I was thinking would be the chosen name! however then I started  to think about what a mosaic is. I discovered that it is something that is created from many parts that once served a purpose in their own right, that have now out lived their usefulness in that form.

It is a representation of parts that have been broken up and put back together to make something new. When you look at it like that it, it perfectly represents two organisations coming together and I couldn’t think of a better name to call our new organisation.

The merger process has been very smooth, with both organisations cultures fitting well together and complimenting each other. Client focus has always been the main theme of both organisations and as a Board, that is what we too are committed to supporting.

The new Board is made up of members of both Boards. We are a very cohesive and all committed to ensuring that whatever we do that the clients remain at the heart of any decision making process.

The decision to change our name to Mosaic Support Services was not a decision that was made over night and all stakeholders were consulted as part of the process. The Board are very excited to have been part of this process, we are committed to the new brand and we look forward to working with the Mosaic team, as we move forward in this exciting new journey.

Kim Baumeler

Chair- Mosaic Support Services


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