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The last three months in The Hang Out team have been full to the brim with happy and enthusiastic participants. We have facilitated programs for participants who have accessed pre Christmas vacation care, Bowen Road vacation care, Southern Support vacation care and at the end of January, we finished off the really busy period for My Community programs with our Annual Youth Camp.

This year’s camp theme was called “Pirates of the Lea”, a program that ran for three days and two nights at the Lea Scout Camp Grounds at Kingston. There were eight teams in total who were competing against each other to be crowned the best pirates of the Lea.  The Dutch Corsairs and Smugglers, along with The Buccaneers, Renegades, River Pirates, Jolly Rogers, Privateers, Sea Dogs, and Blackbeards were amongst the pirate players who found clues through riddles and earned high recommendations to reach their ultimate goal.

Our catering this time around was done by “Permission to Eat”, facilitated by Christina and her lovely team. Mission Australia created a wonderful menu that everyone thoroughly enjoyed eating! We even had ice cream for dessert one night!!! Peppermint choc chip …Yum! We loved having the collaborative relationship of working with Christina and her team as we are both aiming for the same inclusion goal for vulnerable individuals.

There were several significant highlights including the water slide/eating challenge that ended in an all out food slinging, slippery dipping laugh fest, and we were very proud to have shared this experience with our most senior staff from head office. A personal highlight of mine was Ralph and Emily competing against each other to get down the water slide the quickest! Ralph confided in me afterwards about having to go to a Board meeting in the clothes he was wearing, which did include some blue jelly and custard!!!(a very interesting story to share with the Board, I’m sure!!!)

On Thursday night we had the privilege in sharing in a cultural experience with one of our staff Paulo Saisoaa, who showed us how to prepare the ground for a hangi; a native food preparation technique from his home country in Samoa. Participants assisted in the preparing the vegetables; seasoned the various meats, and wrapping it up.

Some people even had a go at raking the rocks in preparation for cooking in the ground. Many participants enjoyed the experience of laying the wet newspaper over the top and then seeing how the steam cooked the food. This was a really fantastic experience for everyone to be involved with and it tasted AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much to Paulo for sharing this experience with us.

On behalf of Kellie Silver and myself, I want to give the biggest shout out to our wonderful staff Paulo, Rob, Gabbie, Bec, Laura, Emily and Matt for being the people who make our vacation care camps work so wonderfully.

Allison Buchanan

Hang out Coordinator


Vacation Care Jan 2016 015 Vacation Care Jan 2016 026 Vacation Care Jan 2016 029 Vacation Care Jan 2016 002 IMG_3603 IMG_3581 IMG_3523 IMG_3200


































Mosaic Support Services would like to give a huge thank you to the Veteran Car Club of Tasmania. They selected us as one of two organisations to donate the funds raised at the RON LEEK Charity Car Show that was held on the 7th of February.

Thank you to all of the staff, clients and family members that gave up their Sunday to cook and serve the BBQ, your help was greatly appreciated. Also to all of the staff, clients, board members and members of the Mosaic Support Services community that came along to show your support.

The day was a huge success and we are so grateful to have been given this opportunity.

We are very excited to have received a $2,500 cheque today from the Veteran Car Club. This has provided security for our Fun Run team from the Fit for Life program.

Our runners are very committed to the events that take shape of the calendar year and have been participating in the fun runs on behalf of Mosaic Support Services over the past 3 years. This exposure and experience to health and fitness has also inspired some participants to enter fun runs with their families independent of the Mosaic Support Services group, which is fantastic.

This funding means that those participants can continue to register and participate in nine additional fun runs over the next 3 years. The runners participate in a range of runs including The MONA gasp in March 2016, The Glenorchy Classic in July 2016 followed by The Budget Fun Run in August 2016.

The support received from the Veteran Car Club, who raised money at a recent Car Show, means that 10 participants and support staff can enter these events as a team, with the tops and sporting equipment that they require.

We are very proud of our fun run team and wish them all the very best over the next few months. A big thank you goes out to the Veteran Car Club who have assisted Mosaic Support Services clients and staff to participate in a community event and live our vision and values.

IMG_3636 IMG_3634 IMG_3625 IMG_3627 IMG_3626.















2015 was an eventful and fun filled year for our adult out of hours program.

We travelled to many iconic places in the greater Hobart region and took advantage of our wonderful little city.

Some of the more popular activities included Zone 3, Pub meals and summer BBQs.

On behalf of all the out of hours staff, we would like to thank all the participants for getting involved and being one of the coolest bunch of people in Hobart.

We look forward to another year of fun and festivities for 2016.


The My Time Away Team


The Ability to Create Exhibition was born in 2013 when the Hobart City Council was approached by Freddy Lee-Mount, a community member living with a disability. Freddy was committed to an idea of celebrating the ability and talent of people living with disability in Hobart and creating awareness in the broader community of their talents and skills, creating a fantastic, diverse range of work across greater Hobart.

Freddy was determined to develop a project together with City of Hobart staff, identifying groups who create regularly and to celebrate together with a fantastic exhibition at City of Hobart’s Mawson Pavilion.

Council staff, with Freddy, were keen to have the exhibition represent a strong mix of mediums, a simple layout to ensure accessibility to the exhibition and really showcase the art works.
Cosmos, Oak Industry and Oak Services were identified and invited to partake in the exhibition. The City of Hobart who coordinate two mixed ability art groups that work from Mathers House were also invited to participate.

After a lifetime in creating fashion, Freddy continues his love of fabric and creates striking works of art with his “Expressions in Fabric” designs reflecting his love and wonderment of the natural environment.

Artist, Alan Culph has also been involved in the project. Alan has always loved cars and machinery, and now creates wonderful art pieces from scrap metal. Alan has also used exploring art to overcome trauma from a car accident.

Council staff wanted to ensure a larger community celebration, and engaged the Songbirds, Cosmos’ premier singing group, for the launch; and Aurora Disability Services to provide Catering as well as wait staff for the duration.

With approximately 150 people attending the exhibition launch, the City of Hobart, community groups and individuals involved, could see this was a really special event to be supported into the future.

For the second exhibition in 2015, we were joined by exhibitor’s STAR Tasmania (now Mosaic Support Services) , The Parkside Foundation and Snapshot celebrating our community.

Follow Ability to Create on Facebook to see what 2016 is going to bring



This year’s event was again held at the Lindisfarne Rowing Club with Chinnocks engaged to prepare and serve the meal for all.
The function was very well attended with 143 clients, family, staff and board members including 5 children which made the day the day even more festive. A great time was had by all and it was fantastic to witness all the guests interacting with new people and catching up with old friends and family.

Thankyou to the staff on shift who did an excellent job supporting clients to spend quality time with their family members at the luncheon.
Margie Healey, staff member very ably lead the Service Managers in a round of Christmas Carols and Jo Jones, staff member who has been our photographer for the past few years captured many special moments between friends.
Once again some of the Board came along assisted in the meal service to guests as well as CEO Ralph Doedens, former Accommodation Manager Lena Mitchell and WHS Co-ordinator, Denice Cashion.
The My Home Service Managers: Anita O’Brien, Ben Jago, Robyn Goward, Ray Wilson, Cathie Moore, Michelle Bowerman and Sonny Kapoor gave their time not only to assist with meal service to guests but they also began their Sunday at 9.30am at the Lindisfarne Rowing Club to set up the whole venue and ensure the table arrangements were fabulous and that everyone had a seat and were made to feel welcome as they came in the venue. Then at the end of the event the Service Managers cleaned up and put everything back where it was meant to be, vacuumed and even took out the rubbish.

This event is such a wonderful tribute to STAR Cosmos and our philosophy of Living Life – My Way.
Thankyou to everyone who attended, supported and enjoyed themselves at this fantastic event.

Where are the atoms?

Atom 2

The Atoms have landed at the Glenorchy library – 4 Terry Street – Glenorchy. Please head out and have a look at them. They will move onto the next location Mid February 2016. Please contact Megan Cunningham on 62 449444 if you would like a copy of the UR Connected ‘The Journey’ magazine. Enjoy.


About the Launch


Thank you to all of our supporters who attended the launch at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG) yesturday. It was amazing to see so many people. We were all kept very busy across the day looking for peoples art work which was displayed on the floor and hanging installations.
Thank you to the Tasmanian Musuem and Art Gallery for a great venue.
Thank you to Centre Stage for their amazing opening performance, it really captured the essence of the community arts project and set the scene for International Day of People with Disability.
There are many people who contributed to this project:
-Maggy Agrey (the Collaborative Artist) for her amazing ideas and her design and engineer crew. A special thank you to Nawang and Cate for their tireless hard work helping to bring the hanging installation to life.
– to Wayne and Zefi for their hard work and creative design in making an amazing floor installation.
– to all the volunteers from Mosaic Support Services and The Parkside Foundation. Without you this project would not have been possible.
– To Freddy Lee – Mount for sharing a wonderful story
– to the Hobart City Council thank you for helping us to connect with so many people and inviting us to so many great events
– to Xanderware for their commitment to providing a structure that fits all 2015 circles
– to Victoria,Rodri and Alistair for making a great movie that really illustrates the narratives and storytelling that happened as part of the project (You can view the video below).
– to the Salvation Army for allowing us to use their space to construct the hanging installations.
– Congratulations and thank you to Mitchell Galloway for a great speech. There was even a comment that he might be the next Premier !
-Youth Art and Snapshot thank you for a great partnership and
-thank you to Monotone and Creative Hum for your support and assistance along the way.

UR Connected-‘The Journey’


The Launch details:

Please come and join us on the 3rd December at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery(TMAG) to celebrate International Day of People with Disability – Australia.
The UR Connected community arts project will be holding the official launch of the atoms.
Free entry between 10.30-4pm.
We are looking forward to a great day and we are all very excited about showcasing the 2,015 pieces of art that the community have completed throughout this project.
Hope to see you there.

B Invite






Rachel has been with us for the past 4 weeks and in this time it has been fantastic to share with Rachel the day to day operations of the business.

Rachel has attended meetings, participated in interviews with employees and clients and has had a lot of fun along the way going with us on school visits as part of UR Connected team and many other social events.

Rachel has visited a range of Mosaic Support Services sites and activities.

I have been really impressed and grateful in how we have all embraced Rachel joining our team. The 4 weeks has flown by and it doesn’t seem that long ago since I received an email about the social innovation research project.

We wish Rachel all the very best in the future and we can not wait to hear back about the findings from the project.

Megan Cunningham



Social innovation in non-profit organisations: Evidence from the Australian disability sector

A research project conducted by Rachel Taylor from the University of Tasmania

Rachel Taylor, a PhD Candidate based at the Australian Innovation Research Centre (AIRC) at the University of Tasmania, is leading a research project focusing on social innovation in non-profit organisations. Two non-profit organisations will be case studies in this project, with Mosaic Support Services the Tasmanian case study and the other case study (yet to be determined) based on the mainland. The case studies will demonstrate and analyse the range of organisational capabilities that are required for social innovation to occur successfully, and will evaluate how social innovation enables these organisations to operate as exemplar service providers for people with disabilities.

This research is timely for organisations such as Mosaic Support Services, as social innovation is expected to play an important role in enabling organisations to transition effectively under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in the coming years. This research project aims to develop a practical understanding of social innovation, based on the findings from the two case study organisations that will directly benefit the sector as a whole by uncovering the areas where social innovation has the potential for greatest impact. For example, the findings of this study will assist Mosaic Support Services in choosing and implementing performance-enhancing strategies to increase organisational effectiveness. The outputs of this research project will include a PhD thesis, publications in academic journals, workshops for Mosaic Support Services managers and employees, and conference presentations/public seminars.

For the data collection phase of this research project, Rachel will be based at Mosaic Support Services for a period of three weeks starting in mid-October. During this time she will gather as much information as she can about what processes and activities are most vital for social innovation. In particular, Rachel will be looking at how Mosaic Support Services successfully innovates on a day to day basis – in big ways such as creating an entirely new program or service, and in little ways such as improving an administrative process in the office that helps it run more smoothly.

Individual managers, employees and clients at Mosaic Support Services are invited to participate in a face to face interview with Rachel during her three-week visit, so feel free to approach Rachel at any time to schedule an interview with her. As someone who is directly involved at Mosaic Support Services, your experiences and knowledge will contribute greatly to this research project by assisting Rachel to understand how non-profit organisations like Mosaic Support Services innovate to overcome challenges (such as adapting to operate under the NDIS) and most importantly, to create positive social impacts for individuals, families and the broader community. For this reason, your participation in this study would be incredibly valuable and Rachel looks forward to speaking with you! Please note, your involvement is optional and you can change your mind at any time if you decide you don’t want to participate. Rachel will also be observing some activities and meetings that take place at Mosaic Support Services. If at any time you would prefer that Rachel does not observe an activity, please do not hesitate to let her know and she will cease her observations immediately.


Rachel Taylor’s Background

Prior to starting her PhD a year ago, Rachel worked in the non-profit sector in northern Tasmania for four years as a Project Manager. In this role, Rachel implemented state-wide initiatives which aimed to enhance inclusiveness and equal access for members of the Tasmanian Deaf community. Rachel has qualifications in community development work and also as a primary school teacher. Through her current research project, Rachel is excited to merge her passions for research and for working with people with disabilities. Her overall aim is to further our understanding of how non-profit organisations in the disability sector can operate in ways that make a significant and lasting impact.

social innovation



Tuesday the 27th October was a great day on the UR Connected calendar. We had the opportunity to visit John Paul II Catholic School. We visited Kinder through to Grade 6 and we were amazed at how many students knew something about Mosaic Support Services.

A big thank you to all of the students and teachers who supported our visit to the school. Some of the students explored how they feel connected to flowers, dinosaurs; doing tricks, playing football, console gaming, rainbows, spiders and the solar system.

Great work everyone.

John Paul II 004 John Paul II 015 John Paul II 012 John Paul II 017 John Paul II 036 John Paul II 061 John Paul II 069 John Paul II 080





















Today (Wednesday 21st September) was an exciting day for Mosaic Support Services as step 1 was undertaken of the Respite Deck Project.

Brian Forster previous president of Lions Glenorchy proudly handed over a cheque to Mosaic Support Services CEO Ralph Doedens for $15,000 to go towards a wrap around deck and ramp at the Adults Respite Centre.

Along with clients and staff, it was great to see a high level of representations from Lions – David Triffett (Australian Lions Foundation), Brian  Forster (Lions Glenorchy), Jack Allen (Tasmanian Lions Foundation), David Daniels (Project Manager) & Hester Van Niekerk (Regional Manager) all present to visit the centre & show their commitment to the Project.

David Daniels Project Manager today said “We are delighted to be involved In this particular project with Mosaic Support Services. It started some time ago but we are seeing a couple of the starting points with the plans & funding approved. We think it is a great connection with the community and Lions throughout Southern Tasmania, Australian Lions Foundation, Tasmanian Lions Foundation and of course who own Glenorchy City Lions Club are the drivers behind this project and this is only the start of things o come with our association and partnership with Mosaic Support Services

Mosaic Support Services are very thankful and proud of the support & partnership we have with Lions Foundation that began back in 2013.

A lot of work behind the scene has already been completed to get this project up and running. We are anticipating the building of the deck will commence in February 2016 and take 6-8 weeks to complete.

This really is a community engagement project with Cordwell Lane (Michael Lane), Claremont College (Youth BUILD), Lions Foundation, Housing Industry Association, Leos Tasmania (Rhys Hardman) all working together to offer this exciting new feature at Respite for clients.

Georgina Clutterbuck

Scroll to the bottom to view video

Respite Deck Cheque Handover 017  Respite Deck Cheque Handover 032   Respite Deck Cheque Handover 042   Respite Deck Cheque Handover 065  Respite Deck Cheque Handover 070   Respite Deck Cheque Handover 011  Respite Deck Cheque Handover 004 Respite Deck Cheque Handover 073 Respite Deck Cheque Handover 074

David DanielsDavid Daniels – Project Manager Lions talks about partnership with Mosaic Support ServicesWith- Lions Australia

Posted by STAR & Cosmos on Tuesday, October 20, 2015




































September has been a big month for Mosaic Support Services with families, staff and clients getting together at different functions across the month.


My Home hosted the first ever Club Costar event at the Lindisfarne Activity Centre. The theme was very daring and dangerous with most people attending the event finding a super hero they inspired to be like.


The event was a great success and the clients enjoyed catching up and it looks like the staff enjoyed dressing up !!

ccs2  IMG_2184




Last weekend our Wednesday bowling group competed in their first ever bowling championship at the Moonah Bowl. This was the Aurora/TBT State championships. Caroline, Nathan, Lawrence, Shaun, Mary-Rose  and Grant all played both Saturday and Sunday and Saturday evening. Each person played a total of 7 games each against teams from the South, North and North West.

The team looked very professional in their uniforms that were sponsored by Millingtons, Sue & Leigh Phillips, Margaret Phillips, M & J Foster Plastering, Walch Optics-Robert Walch and Russell and Sally Morse from Glasser and Parker. The team even had some positive feedback on how well they looked.

The sportsmanship and teamwork was second to none and the parents, carers and friends who came to assist were exceptionally a great asset. I thank you all for your support and enthusiasm.

I would also like to thank all the Wednesday program staff for assisting our participants every week. Your dedication was outstanding.


On Sunday at the presentations it was announced that the South had won the Regional Trophy which the North has had for the last two years and Cosmos was part of that team.

Not only did the team help get back the trophy Caroline and Nathan won their mixed doubles division. Caroline also won the Female singles in her division and came 2nd in the All Female Events division.


Next year the State Championships will be held in Launceston (date to be advised) so hopefully everyone can practice well ready for next year.


On a sadder note Ken Baldock who so kindly volunteered his help each Wednesday for at least 2 years and joined the team up in the League passed away on the 10th September so did not get to see how the team played. We will always remember his keen enthusiasm and cheeky words.


Well Done,


Sharen Willing

Sporting Co-ordinator

for Fit for LIfe







Mosaic Support Services annual quiz night was a night filled with fun, laughter and uproariously entertaining games.

This year marked the third annual quiz night hosted by Mosaic Support Services and possibly the best so far. We are delighted to announce we raised $7,000, which will enable Mosaic Support Services to proceed with the UR Connected community arts project, as well as purchasing new art and program supplies across the program areas.

The night began with a tribute to Hannah Murray, the Mosaic Support Services Ticket to Work student. Megan Cunningham talked about Hannah’s journey so far and how proud we all are of Hannah’s achievements. We presented Hannah with an achievement award.

Then the big surprise happened!! – A message on the big screen from Boomer Harvey, Hannah’s all time favorite player at North Melbourne Football club. Thank you to the North Melbourne Football Club for working with us to provide a motivational and very moving tribute to Hannah. Brent Harvey’s words of encouragement will stay with us all for a long time.

All participants were in high spirits enjoying great food and drinks, amazing company and more than a few comical answers. A huge thankyou to all our sponsors, the beautiful volunteers who worked tirelessly to ensure the night went off without a hitch and our witty hosts Nick and Andrew.


1st Place- Team Ralph


2nd Place- RACT


3rd Place- Toni & Friends


Wooden Spoon- Interact IT

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