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Mosaic Support Services annual quiz night was a night filled with fun, laughter and uproariously entertaining games.

This year marked the third annual quiz night hosted by Mosaic Support Services and possibly the best so far. We are delighted to announce we raised $7,000, which will enable Mosaic Support Services to proceed with the UR Connected community arts project, as well as purchasing new art and program supplies across the program areas.

The night began with a tribute to Hannah Murray, the Mosaic Support Services Ticket to Work student. Megan Cunningham talked about Hannah’s journey so far and how proud we all are of Hannah’s achievements. We presented Hannah with an achievement award.

Then the big surprise happened!! – A message on the big screen from Boomer Harvey, Hannah’s all time favorite player at North Melbourne Football club. Thank you to the North Melbourne Football Club for working with us to provide a motivational and very moving tribute to Hannah. Brent Harvey’s words of encouragement will stay with us all for a long time.

All participants were in high spirits enjoying great food and drinks, amazing company and more than a few comical answers. A huge thankyou to all our sponsors, the beautiful volunteers who worked tirelessly to ensure the night went off without a hitch and our witty hosts Nick and Andrew.


1st Place- Team Ralph


2nd Place- RACT


3rd Place- Toni & Friends


Wooden Spoon- Interact IT

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The Gearing Up Expo went off with out a hitch on Wednesday the 2nd of September. Gearing Up (for Choice and Control Tasmania’s premium disability expo) connects people with disability, their families, and carers with local services, as well as giving people an opportunity to find out about careers in this rapidly expanding sector.
Mosaic Support Services took the opportunity to launch their Under One Umbrella program areas:
– My Home
– My Community
– My Time Away and
– My Case Management
The theme for the booth was: “Through my eyes” and Wayne Jolly and Georgina Clutterbuck spoke to clients and families about what their thoughts were on the new programs areas and created a mural made up of caricatures of the community’s ideas.

Mosaic Support Services clients also entered the photography competition and exhibited some amazing photos. Well done to everyone that entered.

A big Congratulations to Michelle Bowerman who was selected as one of two Workplace Ambassadors to speak at the Expo. Michelle did an amazing job talking about the Sector and NDS has hinted at expanding the role of the Workplace Ambassador at more events in the future.
The Parkside Foundation and Mosaic Support Services ran the UR Connected booth. Over 120 pieces of art were completed on the day and will be used for the final installation. We now have over 1,700 circles already completed for the art installation that will be launched on the International Day of People with Disabilities 3rd December.
Congratulations to the people who completed the “ circle find” sheet.  As the theme of the booth was “how do you feel connected to the community?” we asked people to visit each of the booths and to keep an eye out for a UR Connected circle that we had ‘planted’ at 10 booths! Then note down which booth they saw the piece of art at and come back and see us for a prize. This was a great way of connecting with other booths. Thank you to the following booths:

– Watson Blanch


– Possability


– Communities Sport and Recreation

– Anglicare

– Hobart City Mission

– Square Pegs


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On June 26th Caroline and Dawn packed their things and went to the Airport to start their Melbourne holiday!

Off the plane and picked up the hire car and off to the house where the girls were staying in Point Cook.

Everyone unpacked and headed out for the afternoon for some shopping and lunch, smiles all around. After a long few hours of shopping they then went out for dinner at a lovely little local pub.

Home and very tired after a big day and very impressed with their goodies.

Up bright and early for another day of fun filled activities, first up was the Werribee zoo!

Dawn and Caroline were over the moon with the animals as they were getting up for breakfast!

Caroline was very impressed with the hippos, and Dawn really enjoyed the safari bus which took us all out into a big open paddock where the giraffes, zebras and rhinos and many more lived.

Off to the big city for lunch and then to see the 50th anniversary of the sound of Music film at the Hammer Hall. Dawn and Caroline sang along to their favourite songs and really enjoyed the crowd interaction and the different costumes in the audience.

After another long day Dawn Caroline enjoyed a relaxing dinner in the city and headed home for some well needed rest and relaxation.

All too soon it was time to pack our things and fit in some much needed retail therapy before starting the journey back home.

Dawn and Caroline had an amazing weekend away.

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On Sunday 2nd August, Callum Grundy, Cameron Lockley, Nathan Keating, Ross Cooper, Jenny Howard, Caroline Mayhead and Hannah Shackcloth participated in the Budget 2.5km Fun Run with Staff.

Despite the 9.30am start being bitterly cold and some snow on the mountain and sunshine (no rain!!!) everyone walked at a great pace. Prior to the race we all met as a group to put on our Calvary sponsored T shirts, that were worn with PRIDE and to take a group photo. You might have even spotted us on the news report that night, as a cameraman was taking footage of us getting our photo taken with our wonderfully made “Cosmos” banner.

I personally would like to thank all the participants, their support staff and Calvary Health Care for making this day for our participants become a regular event. Since Calvary has sponsored us we have managed to participate in 3 Budget fun runs – 2.5kms, 2 Mona Gasp runs – 4kms and 2 Glenorchy fun runs – 5kms. Although at the end of each run everyone is slightly tired their enthusiasm for the next run certainly overlooks how they feel at the end of the event.

At each event we have entered, the community have been very supportive of every participant. When a supportive comment has been made you can see the positive reaction it has on all of the runners… and when we cross that finish line……WOW!!!

Happy Running,

Sharen Willing,

Sporting Co-ordinator

Fit for Life Team

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As part of the UR Connected Arts project, Maggy Agrey (Collaborative Artist) on behalf of Mosaic Support Services and The Parkside Foundation joined with Glenview and Banksia in June to find out how the staff, residents and participants of the Glenview and the Banksia day programs feel connected.


The Glenview residents really enjoyed being a part of this project. “We have a number of very talented artists living here who were able to show off their artistic flair and contribute to the project. The social aspect of having a new face join us for conversation and activity was also wonderful addition to our program. Thank you for inviting us to be a part of this community project!” Meagan Lee Activities Program Coordinator – Glenview


The UR Connected project was excited to have the opportunity to spend time in the Glenview community. “I loved the excitement that Meagan and Victoria both showed towards having us connect with Glenview. The Glenview promise of ‘a good life, both now and into the future- which  means supporting people to live their lives how they want to and with extra support if they may need really fits with both the Mosaic Support Services and The Parkside Foundation values “ – Megan Cunningham.


Thankyou for sharing in the UR Connected Journey.

Maggie Agrey Photos 532Maggie Agrey Photos 580Maggie Agrey Photos 539Maggie Agrey Photos 544Maggie Agrey Photos 563




Winter Camp, as part of the school holiday program has been a great success this year. Many excited participants braved the wind and rain for five days of sport, dancing, cooking and bonfires. David, a first time attendee of the camp loved ‘going out on activities, dancing and all the good food’.

The Support Workers were so proud of the way everybody supported each other, showed courtesy and respect and were glad to be able to share in the experience.

The final day of camp was Master Chef day, where all the participants got to use their culinary skills to cook up pizza masterpieces to be judged by pizza connoisseurs. One team were lucky to be the winners and received a pineapple as a trophy!!.   Although the Winter Camp is over for another year, many friendship, bonds and stories have been shared and made.

Victoria Langmead

(Social Work Student)

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I moved into my new house 5 months ago.

Since that time I have been able to go to community access (now called My Community) for 5 days a week instead of staying home and only going out 2 days a week.

At the My Community program I get to go shopping, bowling, and dancing. On Mondays I get to do ‘Art Attack’.

On Wednesday I get to do beauty. I do hair styles, makeup and nails. If I practice doing nails I will be able to do my own one day.

On Saturday I go swimming with my friends. Every fortnight, on a Friday I go dancing with my friends.

On Friday nights Rachael (my friend) comes over for dinner and we eat cake and on Sunday night I go to her house for dinner and we eat roast chicken and lamb.

I also love having a cappuccino and ice chocolate with ice cream with friends down at the Coffee Club. Another thing I do is go up to Mt Wellington; it was cold, windy and snowy.

I love having my wheelchair because I get to move around. My favourite thing that I’ve done since moving into my home is going to a concert, listening to music and dancing.

On my iPad I take funny photos of me and my friends.

At home I have a printer and a laminator and I print and laminate the funny photos I take, it’s something I’m really passionate about.

I like my iPad, games and I have Facebook. I like putting funny photos on Facebook. I got my new hearing aid, now I can hear everybody and I got my new glasses, now I can see everybody as well!!!!

In March it was my birthday, I went for a meal with my friends, next year I would like a big BBQ at my house. I have bought the people living in my closer together by sharing with my friends, and they are looking after me.

My mum comes and visits me sometimes, my mum thinks my house is ‘pretty’ I have a niece and a nephew their names are Bodhi and Layla. They are living in New South Wales, and they are coming here for Christmas and I’m so excited.

I went to see my Dad in Townsville, I had lots of fun. I would like to go on a holiday with my family. Next year my Dad is coming to visit my house and I think he’s going to love it! I love joking and laughing. I am happy to be in my new home with have friends.

Group photo Margie 5 In the snow 22.6.2015





Make UR Connected arts project the winner of the Nabo Community grant. It is as simple as voting for our project.  We are 1 of 5 finalists, so lets make this happen!!. Securing this $10,000 grant will allow people with disabilities and the community to showcase their art work in a public gallery to celebrate the annual International Day of People with Disabilities. Thank you in advance.

How to vote:

  • Sign up using the pre entered code provided by clicking on the link above
  • Enter your name and email address and choose a password
  • Enter your address – a work address is accepted
  • You can chose the “hide from Neighbours option” -this means you are not visible on the site
  • Click on skip for now – this will need to be done 3 times
  • Click Community Grant on bottom left
  • Click vote for our state TAS on bottom left
  • Vote UR Connected – this will appear in the middle of the screen





UR Connected is a collaborative artwork made of 2015 individuals’ personal contributions – the final artwork will symbolise an atom. The project will provide people with a disability the opportunity to be included in a project that promotes social inclusion, fosters social engagement, cultural diversity, enables exchange of narratives and knowledge. It also combines age groups, gender, and builds connections.


Art assists people with disability and the wider community to be able to express themselves creatively and develop individual skills in an environment that does not discriminate between people. Art strengthens focus, reduces anxiety whilst developing hand eye coordination. It also builds self-esteem, increases motivation and when working in a group environment, nurtures teamwork.


$10,000 will go towards the materials needed to complete all 2015 circles, the construction of the collaborative art piece, advertising and the launch of the project.


STAR/;Cosmos and The Parkside Foundation are specialised, community-based organisations providing accommodation, in home, community access, and case management and respite services for people with disabilities.



Louise Salter recently passed her learner drivers license and is very proud of her achievement as this was a long held goal for her. She is about to commence driving lessons with RACT and Greenlight mentoring group. Well done Louise achieving your dreams.

On Saturday, Louise and friends celebrated her birthday at Hotel Soho.

Louise received lots of lovely gifts and we enjoyed a great meal together.


Felicitations Louise. Happy Birthday.

Josh’s passion for photography started by taking photos on his smart phone whenever he was out and about.

Josh said he” loves taking photos of anything”, and has a great eye for being able to capture a scene in a photograph. Josh has showed a real passion and talent for this art form.

Respite Unit 1 have taken this opportunity to showcase Josh’s work by printing three of his landscape images on to a canvas to hang in the unit so that his work can bring joy to everyone.

Josh Stevens 004



The Federal Assistant Minister for Social Services, Mitch Fifield, visited Hobart on Friday 12th June for a briefing from STAR Tasmania (STAR) and Cosmos Inc. (Cosmos) CEO Ralph Doedens on the implementation of NDIS services for people with a disability in Tasmania.

The Minister visited the Community Access Centre at Lenah Valley on Friday for afternoon tea. The Minister was invited to undertake a piece of art to add to the collection of art works being assembled as part of the UR Connected Community Arts project. This project is aiming to complete 2,015 art works for the year 2015. We have added the Ministers art piece to collection of 1200 circles.

The afternoon tea was very eventful with lots of discussion, laughter and a chance for some real discussion to be had around the implementation of the NDIS. It is always exciting when Southern Cross and Win News start recording and the Mercury newspaper starts taking photos and capturing people’s stories. Thank you to all of the media for your time and providing an opportunity for people with disabilities and their families to share their journey through the NDIS.

A big thank you from all of us at Mosaic Support Services to Minister Fifield and Senator Bushby for meeting with a range of clients, staff, and family members.

Some of the discussion points and notes from Ralph Doedens:

“Following the implementation of the NDIS, we’re experiencing a surge in demand for our services,” said Mr. Doedens

“That’s one of the reasons that STAR and Cosmos, both organisations with a similar culture and vision, decided to combine their suite of services to better assist greater numbers of people with a disability and their families and carers.”

Mr. Doedens said the NDIS was a landmark for people with a disability. “In our case the merged resources of Cosmos and STAR mean more sophisticated systems can be introduced to support people in the disability sector. At the same time our merger means economies of scale. Simply put, we’re now able to provide more services to more people in a more economically sustainable manner”.

“While there is still some work to be done to bed down the NDIS system, I believe that STAR and Cosmos have come up with a model that could well be emulated by other service providers around Australia.”

Minister Fifield 039Minister Fifield 024Minister Fifield 030









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