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Make UR Connected arts project the winner of the Nabo Community grant. It is as simple as voting for our project.  We are 1 of 5 finalists, so lets make this happen!!. Securing this $10,000 grant will allow people with disabilities and the community to showcase their art work in a public gallery to celebrate the annual International Day of People with Disabilities. Thank you in advance.

How to vote:

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UR Connected is a collaborative artwork made of 2015 individuals’ personal contributions – the final artwork will symbolise an atom. The project will provide people with a disability the opportunity to be included in a project that promotes social inclusion, fosters social engagement, cultural diversity, enables exchange of narratives and knowledge. It also combines age groups, gender, and builds connections.


Art assists people with disability and the wider community to be able to express themselves creatively and develop individual skills in an environment that does not discriminate between people. Art strengthens focus, reduces anxiety whilst developing hand eye coordination. It also builds self-esteem, increases motivation and when working in a group environment, nurtures teamwork.


$10,000 will go towards the materials needed to complete all 2015 circles, the construction of the collaborative art piece, advertising and the launch of the project.


STAR/;Cosmos and The Parkside Foundation are specialised, community-based organisations providing accommodation, in home, community access, and case management and respite services for people with disabilities.



Louise Salter recently passed her learner drivers license and is very proud of her achievement as this was a long held goal for her. She is about to commence driving lessons with RACT and Greenlight mentoring group. Well done Louise achieving your dreams.

On Saturday, Louise and friends celebrated her birthday at Hotel Soho.

Louise received lots of lovely gifts and we enjoyed a great meal together.


Felicitations Louise. Happy Birthday.

Josh’s passion for photography started by taking photos on his smart phone whenever he was out and about.

Josh said he” loves taking photos of anything”, and has a great eye for being able to capture a scene in a photograph. Josh has showed a real passion and talent for this art form.

Respite Unit 1 have taken this opportunity to showcase Josh’s work by printing three of his landscape images on to a canvas to hang in the unit so that his work can bring joy to everyone.

Josh Stevens 004



The Federal Assistant Minister for Social Services, Mitch Fifield, visited Hobart on Friday 12th June for a briefing from STAR Tasmania (STAR) and Cosmos Inc. (Cosmos) CEO Ralph Doedens on the implementation of NDIS services for people with a disability in Tasmania.

The Minister visited the Community Access Centre at Lenah Valley on Friday for afternoon tea. The Minister was invited to undertake a piece of art to add to the collection of art works being assembled as part of the UR Connected Community Arts project. This project is aiming to complete 2,015 art works for the year 2015. We have added the Ministers art piece to collection of 1200 circles.

The afternoon tea was very eventful with lots of discussion, laughter and a chance for some real discussion to be had around the implementation of the NDIS. It is always exciting when Southern Cross and Win News start recording and the Mercury newspaper starts taking photos and capturing people’s stories. Thank you to all of the media for your time and providing an opportunity for people with disabilities and their families to share their journey through the NDIS.

A big thank you from all of us at Mosaic Support Services to Minister Fifield and Senator Bushby for meeting with a range of clients, staff, and family members.

Some of the discussion points and notes from Ralph Doedens:

“Following the implementation of the NDIS, we’re experiencing a surge in demand for our services,” said Mr. Doedens

“That’s one of the reasons that STAR and Cosmos, both organisations with a similar culture and vision, decided to combine their suite of services to better assist greater numbers of people with a disability and their families and carers.”

Mr. Doedens said the NDIS was a landmark for people with a disability. “In our case the merged resources of Cosmos and STAR mean more sophisticated systems can be introduced to support people in the disability sector. At the same time our merger means economies of scale. Simply put, we’re now able to provide more services to more people in a more economically sustainable manner”.

“While there is still some work to be done to bed down the NDIS system, I believe that STAR and Cosmos have come up with a model that could well be emulated by other service providers around Australia.”

Minister Fifield 039Minister Fifield 024Minister Fifield 030








The Mercury

A big thank you to Casey Waters and her Mum Lisa who were interviewed on Friday at Daly Road. The media visit was part of an afternoon tea event that Mosaic Support Services held to welcome Federal Assistant Minister for Social Services Mitch Fifield.

Casey 1

The city of Hobart had a splash of colour over the weekend with a range of artists showcasing their work at Mawson’s Pavilion as part of Ability to Create.

The Ability to Create art exhibition was a free event open to the public and ran from Friday 29th to Sunday 31st May 2015.
Even though the weather was very rainy and windy, the exhibition still attracted over 200 people across the weekend and more than 200 for the official opening.

The Exhibition was officially opened by the Honourable The Lord Mayor Sue Hickey and the crowd was entertained by the musical ensemble -The Cosmos Song Birds.

The exhibits ranged from metal work, wood work, photography, paintings, decoupage, sculptures, ceramics, furniture and jewellery.

The UR Connected Community Arts Project invited willing participants to contribute to the atom. 140 members of the community completed a piece of art during the exhibition portraying how they feel connected to the city of Hobart. The 140 circles completed will be a great addition to the final exhibition piece, 2,015 circles by the end of 2015.

Thank you to all of the artists, volunteers, and community members who made this a very successful, professional and inspiring event.

Ability to create 122Ability to create 021Ability to create 095Ability to create 103






 This week long gallery hosted the Art From Trash exhibition. There was some really amazing art works there including Cody’s Crab clock and rainbow bird made from recycled materials. We would also like to thank the TMAG team for giving us the opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful art program and congratulations to Cody for her first exhibited art piece, certainly won’t be her last.

 photo 2    photo 1photo 3



We are very excited to announce that The Scrap Metal Dogs opened the Trash Exhibition at Salamanca Arts Centre on Friday 22nd May. The band consisted of Matthew Hill, Aidan Chick, Jonathan Murphy, Mick Lowenstein, Brad Ward, AJ Webberley & Steve Young.  The Scrap Metal Dogs are a Performance Art Percussion Ensemble that uses ordinary items sourced from the tip shop that have been transformed into instruments for performance.

Art From Trash is an annual community event that encourages the reuse of discarded materials in the production of visual art. The exhibition is open to all ages and is a great opportunity for many first time and emerging artists.

Art From Trash is instrumental in promoting creative reuse, and, while the exhibition is a lot of fun, there is an underlying message to use the earth’s resources wisely and to minimise the inappropriate disposal of limited resources.

Exhibition Dates
Saturday 23 May – Wednesday 3 June 2015
10:00am – 5:00pm daily

OFFICIAL OPENING: Friday 22 May 2015, 6:00pm – 9:00pm
With entertainment by Cosmos-‘Scrap Metal Dogs’ and music by Zac Henderson

Cosmos also  joined the many exhibitors at the Long Gallery with their amazing Robot. Please head down and have a look at the fantastic art on display. You have a few days left!!!







What better way to spend a cold Saturday morning than 1.2km above sea level. The ladies from Nelumie St got rugged up in there jackets and headed to the summit of Mt Wellington (Kunanyi) and enjoyed the view from the observation deck and some time in the snow. A truly enjoyable experience by all.

Volunteer week

STAR held their first Volunteer morning tea today as part of National Volunteer Week. As a Not for Profit organisation STAR appreciates the support, skills and valuable time that our Volunteers give to clients, staff and families. We are grateful for the opportunity to be able to publically thank the STAR Volunteers. A special mention to Jon Fulton, Jack Blacklow and Luke O’Brien for representing all the 2014/2015 Volunteers. We would also like to thank  all of our board members who volunteer their time to support, guide and govern our organisation.

STAR has joined the  –  “Give Happy, Live Happy” smiles campaign and this morning we have had some great fun with STAR staff and Volunteers, capturing some great shots.  To find out more about what Volunteering Tasmania has planned please visit

National Volunteer Day 2015 022National Volunteer Day 2015 028




Today we attended the opening of the new STAR shared home in Geilston Bay.  This project was supported, enabled and jointly funded by the Australian Government’s National Rental Affordability Scheme, the Tasmanian Government and Centacare Tasmania. This Shared home was developed to enable supported independent living for people with disabilities. Three STAR clients will be moving to their home in the coming weeks. None of this would have been possible without the exciting partnerships that exist between Centacare and Wilson Homes, the property that has been built is an exemplary model of accommodation.  Funding for the support of the residents has been made possible through the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Luke who will be moving into the new property today told southern cross News “I am going to live in this house until I can learn to live on my own, and then I will move to a different house”, while he has been waiting for a permanent home like this to become available Luke has lived in a couple of temporary homes so today is especially exciting summed up by Luke, “I can now live with my mates!”.

Araluen 001 Araluen 012 Araluen 010 Araluen 029 Araluen 004 Araluen 014 Araluen 022 Araluen 009Centacare_Star Tasmania7_1 Araluen Street Geilston Bay_1 May 2015     Centacare_Star Tasmania4_1 Araluen Street Geilston Bay_1 May 2015 Centacare_Star Tasmania8_1 Araluen Street Geilston Bay_1 May 2015_Luke

























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