Employee Journeys

A big thank you to Jon Fulton for volunteering his time over the next 4 weeks in the Service Development team. With Rosie away on his first day he was very helpful answering the phone, updating information for the Intranet and greeting all the visitors who popped into see us today. He even starred in a video with Ralph. Read more about Jon:

My favourite sport to watch

Premier League Football (Soccer)

The last film I saw at the cinema

The Hobbit: Part 3

My favourite restaurant

Fish 349

Most prized possession

My 1990 Maton Guitar.

If I was Premier I would…

Establish a proper zoo.

Perfect holiday destination that I haven’t been to…

Canada, preferably the ski resorts.

To relax I like to…

Listen to a range of music.

When I was little I wanted to be a…

An architect.

If I wasn’t me I would like to be…

Cristiano Ronaldo

Jon feels..

Excited to be in a new wonderful working environment.

A big thank you to Luke O’Brien for volunteering his time to do some data entry last week. It was so great to have Luke in the office and he sure knows computers !!

What did we find out about Luke?

My favourite sport to watch –  Athletics and Basketball

The last film I saw at the cinema – Hunger Games, Catching Fire

My favourite restaurant – Hogs Breath Cafe

Most prized possession – My Family

If I was Premier I would… – Quit my Job

Perfect holiday destination that I haven’t been to… – Hawaii

To relax I like to… Watch movies or do some Archery

When I was little I wanted to be a… – Police Man

If I wasn’t me I would like to be… – Stephen Amell or Usain Bolt

Luke feels.. – Hungry all the time.  (yes his mum can verify this is true)


Look who is Editor of IDA – the newsletter for ASID!

Congratulations to Darryleen Wiggins. We are very proud of you.

What is ASID?

ASID has a clearly stated mission; this statement of intent is reviewed each year by the Board, and it is from this mission statement that all activities of the society flow.


To improve the quality of life for people with an intellectual disability.

Strategic Goals:

The goals of the Australasian Society for Intellectual Disability are:

  • to be an independent authority on intellectual disability issues across Australasia;
  • to forge interaction between intellectual disability research, policy and practice;
  • to lead the development of strategic partnerships;
  • to engage and strengthen membership; and
  • to ensure sound governance.

Click here to download the latest version: http://www.asid.asn.au/Portals/0/Magazine/IDA56_final.pdf

IDA photo



Congratulations to all of the staff who received 10 and 15 year service awards. A big thank you to Barb Alexander for handing out the medals and trophies to all employees.

It was a great day. Anita O’Brien won the prize for best dressed and I think you will be able to see why when you look at the photos.

Lena Mitchell won the other major prize for renaming the General Staff Meeting. It is now titled “A Giggle and A Hoot… the whole of STAR meeting”. Both winners were voted by Nick and Conrad from Tasplan who were the guest speakers for the day.

Georgina and Craig did a fantastic job hosting the meeting and everyone got involved with guessing the Football themed songs. Congratulations to Michelle Bowerman, Cathie Moore, Nick Rollins, Eddie Burgess, Margie Healey and Ray Wilson who were the first to jump up and get the songs correct.

Thank you to Tasplan for providing the morning tea and for some superannuation advice.

Ralph updated the group about the NDIA and will be posting some information on Time Target so we are all on the same page. Margie Healey talked about the Choir and offered some suggestions around the group becoming a Music Appreciation group focused on having some fun, a chance for staff and clients to catch up, meeting fortnightly and changing the day to Wednesday on pay week. Any suggestions contact Margie directly.


Thank you to all of the staff who attended.

 GSM 1 GSM 2






Kim Baumeler new Chairperson

Last night we held our AGM and then had a quick Board meeting to vote in new office bearers. The new positions for the coming year 2014/2015 are:


Chair:                   Kim Baumeler

Vice:                     Ron Franks

Secretary:           Jacinta Leahy

Treasurer:           Kane Salter



A big thank you to Jason Browne for his term as Chair for the last 2 years.


Looking for Mosaic Community Care Inc. from Western Australia? Click here. Mosaic Support Services Tasmania is a separate organisation and is not affiliated or associated with Mosaic Community Care Inc. in Western Australia.