Employee Journeys

The team at respite were struggling to understand Michael’s communication and asked, Sonny Kapoor to talk to his family so they could get a better understanding of the clients communication needs.

Sonny spoke with the Ferraro family and during the course of the conversation discovered that Michael had a communication system that he currently used at school.

Sonny rang Southern Support School who are always willing to assist us in any way they can and they did this time as well. Sonny was given a copy of Michael’s communication system and this was used when he next came into respite.

That visit was much improved as both staff and Michael were able to connect through communication.

This is a perfect example of how a switched on Client Service Manager can identify a need, facilitate the sharing of information and get a great outcome for a client. Well done Sonny and thankyou to respite staff Michael and his family.



Today Kim Bluett, Respite Project Officer was working away at her desk when she heard Kevin Gordon, STAR accommodation client in the hallway clearly needing assistance. Without hesitation Kim jumped up to find out what she could do to assist.

Kevin had a casual staff person with him who was having difficulty understanding his communication needs and Kim stepped up and asked Kevin what he needed.

She offered Kevin a drink and Kevin indicated that is what he wanted. Kim walked with Kevin to the kitchen and assisted him to get a lovely cup of tea.

Kevin happily smiled and drank his cup of tea and left with his staff person. It was so nice to see someone who doesn’t directly work with clients living our values…. listen with heart, achieve dreams and celebrate life. Kim certainly listened with heart!


My favourite sport to watch

my son play soccer

The last film I saw at the cinema

‘Still Life’ – a very thought provoking film.

My favourite restaurant

closed now but I loved Blue Skies

Most prized possession…

I don’t have a prized possession, my family and friends are of more value than anything I own.

Perfect holiday destination that I haven’t been to…


To relax

I like to go on adventures with my family, read, watch TV, visit with friends.

When I was little

I wanted to be a nurse

If I wasn’t me I would like to be

like Mother Tereasa – what an amazing women she was!

Belinda feels..

It was difficult to find work after being a stay at home mother for 7 years. I am so grateful to Star for giving me the opportunity to work. I’m still adjusting to being back at work and juggling family needs, but Star has been very accommodating with work life balance.

Rod Hartridge

A little ditti

When you wish upon a Star,

makes no difference who you are,

whether you’re the tall man at the top,

or handy with a mop,

You just know when you see you’re smiling CSM,

that you’re doing the right thing by them,

So you bunch of jolly elves,



Between February  2012 and August 2013 Claremont staff and the Disability assessment and Advisory Team (DAAT) jointly designed and implemented a successful project to improve the quality of support at the site.

By participating in the training provided by the DAAT team we were able to develop the residents skills to a much higher level, this included hand over hand, shoulder to shoulder and becoming a mentor and trainer in skill development by using the active support model.

There were five common approaches highlighted through out the training such as:  Communication with style, initiating and engaging, social role modelling, activity planning and supporting skill development.

During the process the organisations values were also applied, which are Listen with heart, Achieve dreams and Celebrate life.

No one would know how well this project would go or if we would succeed but with the determination and commitment from the staff and clients at Claremont we were able to break new grounds in our service delivery.

The skills our residents have and are still developing are both small and large.

Each individual skill developed with each resident opened up unique challenges according to the situation, and some times the simplest task could be the most challenging and rewarding.

The outcomes of the project are happier people with more skills, engaged in a greater range of activities, enjoying each other’s company, satisfied family members, confident engaged staff who love being at work, and reduced incident.

We would like to thank the DAAT Team for Training and the input they provided, STAR management for the support they provided and the funding to allow this to get off the ground.

From the Team at Claremont.


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