Employee Journeys

My favourite sport to watch

The Tour de France

The last film I saw at the cinema

12 Years a slave – WOW – confronting, powerful & gut wrenching.

My favourite restaurant

If I can sit down to eat a hot meal, use a knife and fork and I didn’t cook the meal I LOVE it (no peppa pig in the background is bonus points …)!

Most prized possession

I don’t place a great deal of value on possessions, everything I hold dearest has a heartbeat and a mind of their own, the rest is just STUFF.

If I was Premier I would…

More fully appreciate just how hard it is to make the tough decisions, to do more with less, to feel perpetually as if I had let people down and feel the weight of the world (well the bottom bit) on my shoulders. Most likely resentful of media scrutiny, jealous of people with weekends. And I would definitely have to learn to think before I speak….

Perfect holiday destination that I haven’t been to…

UK & Europe to explore where the relies were all born and maybe discover why it is that my mum still isn’t a citizen after 60 years, learn to cook with authenticity, walk on cobblestones and walk the battlefields of my Grandfather and his comrades.

To relax I like to…

Punch it out with a good boxing session, laugh with my girls, catch up with my support crew, cook, walk, swim, read, watch mind numbing tv with my hubby and maybe occasionally indulge in a Bundy or two. 

When I was little I wanted to be a…

Grown up

If I wasn’t me I would like to be…

There are a load of people I admire and a few who’s lives I occasionally covet but there’s no one else in the world I’d know how to be and if I wasn’t me I’d miss all of the best bits of my world. After all the Grass is only greener until you climb the fence

Jacky feels..

Content, blessed, fulfilled and happy. Hopeful for the future and possible a little frazzled & stretched – at least until the morning caffeine kicks in :+)

Margie Healey

My thoughts on being a Support Worker

I’m a Support Worker in the area of disability

But don’t we all have different abilities?

I don’t always recognise your needs

I see a forest but not always the individual trees


People praise me for the work I do

But I’ve grown so much from what you can do

I was once impatient and rushed

You’ve shown the opposite, and trust


We all deserve to be treated with respect

I see you as a person

I don’t see that you cannot sometimes talk to me

Your eyes tell me your story


Did you say you have a disability?

I can’t see it..

I can see a beautiful person

I thank you for entrusting me.


Thanks a million …


Margie Healey

July 2014

Ralph joined STAR in September 2012 and was previously CEO and public spokesperson of RACT Insurance for a number of years and holds a Commerce Degree with University of Tasmania, is a CPA and a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Ralph has retained an involvement with a number of not for profit organisations over the years in varying capacities including corporate sponsor/partner, director and volunteer. Examples include working with acquired brain injury organisations, Mission Australia, Project U Turn (current steering committee member) and Crimestoppers Tasmania (current Treasurer).

He has a passion to work in the not for profit sector and wants to make a difference in peoples lives.

STAR has a great caring reputation in the community and Ralph would like to maintain a continued strong focus on excellence in service and empathy while improving staff satisfaction and safety generally. He is also keen to increase public awareness of the needs in the disability sector as well as looking for creative and innovative ways to improve how things are done.


Looking for Mosaic Community Care Inc. from Western Australia? Click here. Mosaic Support Services Tasmania is a separate organisation and is not affiliated or associated with Mosaic Community Care Inc. in Western Australia.