Community Access

Mosaic Support Services has a strong focus on empowering our clients to have a presence in the community, work towards their personal goals, forge new friendships and live rich and fulfilling lives. Our programs are designed to meet individual needs within a fun, social environment. Most of our programs are group-based, but we also have a number of clients who require more individualised support due to complex needs and behaviour support requirements.

We focus on skill development and increasing the opportunities for clients to live more independently, and increase their health and well-being by offering options to join sporting groups and get active. We create an outlet for clients to increase their artistic skills in a range of visual, performing and multimedia options. We have experiences for our youth to enter our programs by engaging in our Vacation Care programs and camp and then our transition from school programs. In the evenings and on the weekends we offer a variety of opportunities to build friendships through social activities. We offer a tailored approach to service delivery for those clients that struggle to stay focused on one program or who need a quiet space to explore.

To find out more contact our friendly intake team on (03) 6244 9444 or by emailing: or by filling out the contact form below.