Recruitment Requirements

The DO’s and THe Don’t’s

DO include a covering letter. This is your opportunity to sell yourself!

DO tell us why you believe you are suited to the role, what you can bring & why you want to work for Mosaic!

DO remember to send us your current resume – we don’t want to know what Primary School you went to, tell us the good stuff!

DO give your referees a heads up that we might give them a call, not everyone likes surprises!

DO be patient! The recruitment process can take time. We can receive anywhere up to (and sometimes above) 100 applications per vacancy, that’s a lot of reading to do.

DO be prepared. We may give you a buzz to ask you a couple of questions, clarify some points on your resume or schedule an interview, remember who you’re talking to!

DON’T be nervous. If we want to interview you, there’s a reason why and it’s your chance to prove us right. 

DON’T forget - we are all human. We want your experience in an interview with us to be informative, easy & an absolute breeze (we aren’t scary, we promise!)

DON’T waste your time or ours. If you don’t think the job is for you do not apply, we won’t be offended.

DON’T assume we will hire you without doing a bit of digging, we will need to ensure you can pass a couple of checks* first.

DON’T be disheartened if you aren’t successful. Here at Mosaic we have opportunities pop up often, ‘no’ can sometimes simply mean ‘not now’.

DON’T forget why you hit APPLY in the first place. If you are successful at Mosaic, we want to see you around for a long time, whilst also having a good time of course.

*All offers of employment are subject to a National Police Check and you must hold a (Tasmanian) Working with Vulnerable People Check.