Last GSM for the year…Footy Fever

Congratulations to all of the staff who received 10 and 15 year service awards. A big thank you to Barb Alexander for handing out the medals and trophies to all employees.

It was a great day. Anita O’Brien won the prize for best dressed and I think you will be able to see why when you look at the photos.

Lena Mitchell won the other major prize for renaming the General Staff Meeting. It is now titled “A Giggle and A Hoot… the whole of STAR meeting”. Both winners were voted by Nick and Conrad from Tasplan who were the guest speakers for the day.

Georgina and Craig did a fantastic job hosting the meeting and everyone got involved with guessing the Football themed songs. Congratulations to Michelle Bowerman, Cathie Moore, Nick Rollins, Eddie Burgess, Margie Healey and Ray Wilson who were the first to jump up and get the songs correct.

Thank you to Tasplan for providing the morning tea and for some superannuation advice.

Ralph updated the group about the NDIA and will be posting some information on Time Target so we are all on the same page. Margie Healey talked about the Choir and offered some suggestions around the group becoming a Music Appreciation group focused on having some fun, a chance for staff and clients to catch up, meeting fortnightly and changing the day to Wednesday on pay week. Any suggestions contact Margie directly.


Thank you to all of the staff who attended.

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