Luke O’Brien Volunteers his time

A big thank you to Luke O’Brien for volunteering his time to do some data entry last week. It was so great to have Luke in the office and he sure knows computers !!

What did we find out about Luke?

My favourite sport to watch –  Athletics and Basketball

The last film I saw at the cinema – Hunger Games, Catching Fire

My favourite restaurant – Hogs Breath Cafe

Most prized possession – My Family

If I was Premier I would… – Quit my Job

Perfect holiday destination that I haven’t been to… – Hawaii

To relax I like to… Watch movies or do some Archery

When I was little I wanted to be a… – Police Man

If I wasn’t me I would like to be… – Stephen Amell or Usain Bolt

Luke feels.. – Hungry all the time.  (yes his mum can verify this is true)


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