Why Work With Us?


our ceo, Lynne harwood, knows exactly why you should work for us. so do we. we’re proud to be an employee of mosaic support services and we know you will be too.

why? well let us explain a little further….

Firstly – our Mission. What is it and why?

We at Mosaic live and breathe our mission of enriching and improving the lives of people with disabilities and their families by providing a suite of quality, tailored programs. We believe there is something for everyone, and if not, we endeavour to create it.  Therefore, we need the right people to help us do that. We want creative minds and intuitive sparks, supportive, caring & motivated individuals – sound like you?

But what do I get out of it, you ask?

Mosaic enjoys giving back to our staff in more ways than one, in fact - we love it! Ever worked somewhere you felt underappreciated, unmotivated and simply fed up? We get it, so have we, hence why we all work here now! If you jump on board with us, we will let you in on a few secret gems that will no doubt benefit you in some way or another.

Salary Packaging

Salary packaging is an Australian Taxation Office approved way of paying for some everyday items and living expenses with your pre-tax salary – it is also undeniably confusing, however we have the right people here to talk you through it. In a nutshell, salary packaging lowers your taxable income and increases your take-home pay, giving you more money in your pocket to spend on the things you want, so you can buy that unnecessary but oh-so fabulous thing you have wanted for ages.

Here's an example of your salary before and after salary packaging. Cool, huh?

salary packaging.jpg

Health & Wellbeing Program

Ever made that New Years resolution, only to give up on it 24 hours in – we hear you! At Mosaic we believe in the Health and Well-being of our employees therefore we have gotten a bit chummy with not one, not two, but three gyms nearby that are ready to look after you! With all the dumbbells & whistles you can ask for, and all at no cost to you – what are you waiting for?

Discounted Health Insurance

Ah, yes – Health Insurance. The thing some of us procrastinated about getting, thinking ‘am I ever going to really need that?’ To be frank, yes, yes you do. Mosaic know how important it is and how many of us can choose to steer away from it because the price tag scares us off. We want our employees to reap the real benefits of Health Insurance and not forget why we have it in the first place. Go on – that discount is on us, you’re welcome!

A supportive, understanding workplace

Life. Life happens. Sometimes good and sometimes bad. What we do at Mosaic is offer support in the darker times but also relish in the good times. We want our staff to feel supported, no matter what life throws their way. So, we have partnered up with Newport & Wildman who are our Employee Assistance Provider. We want our people to know they are cared for and to never think their problem is too small to talk about. We’ve got you.

Outstanding leadership

Approachable. Knowledgeable. Open-minded. Devoted. Here for YOU!

Our leadership team is marvellous, and we aren’t just tooting our own horn.

Meet our team here

But, what else can I do at Mosaic?

Let’s be clear, there are more opportunities here than you can poke a stick at - opportunities galore in fact.

Whilst we are always on the hunt for amazing Support Workers that make up our talented workforce, there is a lot more that goes on behind the scenes.

From Marketing to Finance and everything in between – there is something to suit everyone’s expertise. If you’ve got a degree in HR, a background in Management or you’ve slugged away on the tools for years…we want to hear from you!

Even if you won a competition for Best Smile in Tasmania, give us a yell - we might have a place for you in our friendly reception team!

More? You want more? Well, here’s the biggest kicker of all…

Truth be told, the greatest gift of all is the rewarding feeling you get working with such amazing people. Will there be challenges along the way? Absolutely. Will you be provided the tools and support to overcome these challenges? 100%. Will someone bring you a coffee every morning? Hmm…Probably not. But you can have a good quality yarn with someone in the tea room, and hey, that’s just as good if you ask us!

Check out our Current Vacancies or send an expression of interest, along with your resume through to our friendly People and Culture team by emailing them at: peopleandculture@mosaictas.org.au